Tutorial Transcript

imagine you are home and want to order delivery in French what do you do go to recycle these candies here anyone can learn how to other food over the phone in this lesson you'll learn how mark misil and Sasha are watching a soccer game they decide to other pizza over the phone let's watch a good boss regime recommendation before Maj in pizza lagoon in pizzicato a machine who play a big sissy in booty Dokic a salut play lekha very lyrical Mendoza knows riddle house you play Samia Road Okinawa sorry Linda Linda Mia messy ha ha now the lesson focus here's how to all really the phone in French it is very easy to find delivery in France many people get Flyers in their mailboxes however doing a simple online search will give you tons of options just type leave Eleison delete you food delivery into your computer and hit Search some websites will ask for your address and what kind of food you would like to order then they tell you what's available in your area in France even supermarkets do delivery you can order everything online and they'll drop it off at your house if you are calling a delivery place and have decided what you want you can use the phrase Gemma vodka Moldy s'il vous plait simply put what you want to order after the word Grimaldi after you place the order you need to tell the staff where to deliver in France you give your address by using the phrase vous pouvez livre de grummond o s'il vous plait simply put your address after the word Oh usually zip codes are used only in big cities like Paris so if you are somewhere more local you only have to give the house or building number and the street name a good thing to know once your food arrives is it is actually okay not to tip in France it is not considered rude some people round the total up to the nearest euro but not everyone so don't worry if you are strapped for cash like this quick lesson watch the full version at French pod 101.com to understand the whole dialogue while you're there learn all about French culture with our audio lessons and cultural word lists sign up for your free lifetime account at French pod 101.com see you next time