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imagine you are the restaurant expense what do you do Botox the sequences candies here anyone can learn how to order food at the restaurants in this lesson you'll learn how mark Karen Marcel and his wife are at a restaurant in France let's watch loser visually vape honestech pay more in ratatouille Marlo person is oh poor Marissa insalata you play L cumbersome in booty design Brazil Boop a sus or a - oui merci now the lesson focus here's how to order food at the restaurant in France some places are really popular especially in the big cities that's why it's a good idea to make a reservation if you get on the waiting list there is a chance someone might cancel and you can get in at the last minute reservations are usually made over the phone just tell their staff what day time and how many people will be in your party if you feel a little uncomfortable speaking French you can ask balavoine glai do you speak English most places have staff that speak a little bit if you are still worried many places take reservations online or even by fax here is how to order food at a restaurant in France the most important thing to remember is to be polite it's a good idea to say buzu si vous play and chavala merci hello please and thank you when you are deciding what to order and want to know what the daily special is you can say kale a blue plaid usual what is today's special or if you want the waiter or waitresses recommendation you can ask kahoka mo de vous what do you recommend most places have plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans too so don't worry if you have certain dietary restrictions if everything looks great and you still don't know what to order you can say June a peasant gosh y'see I haven't decided yet and they'll give you a few more minutes when you have finally decided you can use the phrase Gervais Paulo s'il vous plait I will take and add what you would like to order before the words s'il vous plait after giving your order your waiter might ask you Susilo - will that be all so make sure to listen for it usually French waiters and waitresses are really polite and will not interrupt you when you're having dinner therefore if you're ready to get the check you have to get their attention simply say excuse me wah l'addition s'il vous plait excuse me the bill please most restaurants and France have a service charge but the good news is tipping is more of a courtesy it is not required and it's not considered rude if you don't tip if you really liked the service and would like to give the waiter or waitress something the average is 5 or 10% of the bill like this quick lesson watch the full version at French pod 101.com to understand the whole dialogue while you're there learn all about French culture with our audio lessons and cultural word lists sign up for your free lifetime account at French pod 101.com see you next time