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imagine you are at a grocery store a friend you want to buy a few things what do you do Roger this accomplished ended here anyone can learn how to go grocery shopping in friends in this lesson you'll learn how Sasha and Karen are shopping at the supermarket let's watch boo-boos a vigil Akatsuki digital images we whele a loss so doctora so a sunset oh ho a get hominids on TMZ bouquet merci merci beaucoup monday vanjani / massive o chief of wah Oh wah now the lesson focus here's how you can go grocery shopping in friends have you ever wanted to shop at a super mushy supermarket in France here are some tips to help you out in France there are many big chain supermarkets with some even offering savvy seduced sto Fitness gas station services usually French people go to the supermarket once a week if you want to use a shopping cart you can find them in the parking lot rather than at the front of the store you have to use one euro to rent one out which you will get back at the end of your shopping trip also cashiers do not weigh your vegetables and fruit for you you have to do it yourself you place the fruit and vegetables on a scale and a barcode sticker comes out of the machine then you place the sticker on the bag and take it to the cash register it is also a good idea to bring your own shopping bags usually supermarkets charge for plastic shopping bags and you have to bag your groceries by yourself if you are looking to get a discount getting a gesture do cddp supermarket loyalty card is a great idea you can rack up points and get deals on certain items some supermarkets even have jet dialogue or dukkha do gift catalogs these have gifts that correspond to how many points you have once you have accumulated enough points you can pick out a gift from the catalog if you are looking for something more unique you can try one of France's many magazine easy specialty shops specialty shops come in all kinds from cheese shops to tobacco shops to organic food stores of course you can get many things from regular supermarkets however if you are looking for a wider variety or for something really unique these are the places to go when you are finished shopping and leaving the store don't forget to say bonne journée have a good day to the person who helped you this is very polite and shows respect to the shop staff like this quick lesson watch the full version at French pod 101.com to understand the whole dialogue while you're there learn all about French culture with our audio lessons and cultural word lists sign up for your free lifetime account at French pod 101.com see you next time