Tutorial Transcript

welcome to French pub 101.com your concert on college the fastest easiest and the most fun way to learn French salut je m'appelle indeed on Shanthi hi I'm Ingrid nice to meet you in this series we are going to learn basic French expressions it's super easy and it only takes three minutes in this lesson you are going to learn how to introduce yourself in French there are only two sentences you need to do it but first it is important to clarify that in French there is a difference between the formal and the informal language let's first see how French people introduce themselves in an informal situation salut je m'appelle indeed on Chantal o to Hong Kong say hi I'm Ingrid nice to meet you salut je m'appelle indeed Ashanti due to a whole country start by saying salut je m'appelle then say your name salut je m'appelle in vada finally say on Chantal o to home country salut je m'appelle Ingrid I shot a doe to hong kong creek and now let's see the same sentence in formal speech bonjour je m'appelle in head Jewboy justice on shantideva home country good morning I'm in hedgerow nice to meet you boom ja je m'appelle Ingrid gbg3 Jean Jean t de vous home country so what has changed from the previous introduction let's take a closer look at this together salut has been substituted with the formal greeting Bonjour French for good day je m'appelle Ingrid has not been changed je m'appelle stands in both case for I am however during a formal self introduction we always say our last name so I said in hedge abou here you would say your full name finally pay attention to the end we went from to Hong Kong clay to Hongkong hey what is changing is the French word for you in a formal sentence we use the more polite word Boop one more time the informal way to introduce yourself in French is salut je m'appelle Ingrid enchante go to Hong Kong say the formal way to introduce ourselves is bonjour je m'appelle indeed jabrai juice present a duo concrete now it's time for Ingrid's insights when you introduce yourself it's a good habit to shake hands in France and if you are not sure whether to use motion table to home country or Horizonte the Wuhan country just simply say or Shanthi as I said at the beginning of this lesson if you use the correct sentence with French people they are definitely going to be impressed do you know how we say thank you in French you will learn how to say this and many other words in the next lesson identical approach Anderson see you then you