Tutorial Transcript

Welcome back to French words of the week and today we are going to discover new theme that I don’t know either yet. Famous French food. Yes my favorite thing, food. So first one is Camembert Camembert is smelly. You know the cheese? It’s a round white cheese gooey inside. Je n'aime pas le Camembert. I don’t like Camembert, but a lot of French people do, they eat it on the Baguette Bread you know. Next one: Croissant, ah, this one I like. Croissant is croissant you eat it for the breakfast and there are many different types with chocolate inside or butter or margarine and things like that. Au petit déjeuner je mange des croissants. I eat croissant for breakfast, yummy! Escargot. This isn’t supposed to be a food. Well, for French people it is, snails. You know, they eat that here. So you just steam them and put them on the fire and it’s just *squeek* poor thing you eat them alive. It’s cruel to eat snails. Manger des escargots c'est cruel. I think. Fondue, hey cheese again. So fondue is a big pot where you melt cheese and then you pick your little piece of bread and go inside. Up north near Germany and stuff like that. On mange la fondue le plus souventen hiver. We eat fondue usually in winter because it’s warm when you eat this with your family so for holiday occasions and things like that. Next one is: ratatouille There was a Disney movie like that, right. So ratatouille is lot of vegetables mixed together in sauce and you can eat it with rice or you can add meat if you want. Il y a beaucoup de légumes dans la ratatouille. There are a lot of vegetables in ratatouille. Next one is the end. So see you next week for more French words and don’t forget to check the website for more words or leave a comment if you have questions. Bye.