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And it may not be what you want to hear but 80% of the French job market is hidden That means that the roles are not Advertised Salut YouTube today's highly requested video is all about finding English speaking jobs in France This video is really aimed at people who are wanting to maybe move to front or are already living here looking for a long-term sustainable professional kind of career option So I'm not really going to be covering nannying Bartending the instructor to a guide from picking English teacher all of that kind of stuff I think that most of you guys are aware that these kinds of opportunities would exist in France I'm also talking to people who already started their career back in their home country and are moving to France not speaking a word of French maybe They're very highly qualified and they don't speak French or they're just interested in understanding what kind of options there are for work in France And stay right to the end because I leave my very best and probably most relevant tip for the end of this video But before we get started, it'd be unfair of me to say that you can easily find English speaking jobs in France And you don't have to speak a single word of French Of course, even if your work is in English as minors, for example, all of the informal stuff that happens You know at the coffee machine over lunch Sometimes even a meetings it can switch to French and that's really good to be able to speak some French to be able to be integrated with your colleagues So, of course if you can show you a potential future employer that you're super motivated to learn the French language It's going to be a huge plus on your resume So before I jump into the video, I just wanted to mention spot server this video lingotto who offer one of the best Easiest price effective ways that you can possibly learn French they offer really flexible 24/7 French language classes online with native French professors Super easy and I have done an entire video on this I will link it up here But they're actually running the lingo de marathon at the moment and the doors are going to close on May 13th So I just want to remind you guys of their lingo to marathon is probably the best way that you can Actually, like jump up an entire level of your French and really gain in confidence in such a short amount of time it's effectively a three multiply event and in a nutshell if you take 30 French lessons per month for the full three months you get A 100% refund and if that's a little bit too much you can actually do what's called a half marathon Which is when you take 15 courses per month for the three months and it get 50% refund at the end So it's a super cool opportunity. It doesn't come up very often. It's running this year from May 27th to August 24th, 2019 And if you use my link below and use my special code at speak 88 the entry fee will be wiped So you get the five euro entry fee for free as well. I think there's been something like 10,000 people take part of the lingo to marathon I know that a lot of my viewers have taken part in them and it has helped them so much to integrate in France to Find work in France and you can also go and check out their Instagram Which I'll link down below as well. If you want to hear some more stories and get some more info on the company itself Otherwise guys the link go to marathon the gates closed on May 13th 29 teams, but the spots are limited So it's better to sign up in advance if you can but if you're watching this before that date And you're interested in taking your French to the next level I definitely recommend so with all that said and done let's get into the top ways that you can find English speaking jobs in France now, the first tip that I wanted to touch on is that there are actually dedicated websites for this So if you're in one of the biggest cities in France So I'm talking Paris Leon Toulouse granola stress Bordeaux There are websites that actually find English speaking roles across the internet and pull them into one place So one example of this is the website the local dot if R as an online english-speaking magazine for people based in France You've also got jobs in Paris if R and you'll see what you hit the jobs in Paris website on the side You've actually got other cities as well that they have the similar kind of website dedicated to and another great one is Paris Expatriates magazine.com Slash jobs now. I can't say that I have personally found English speaking jobs on these websites, but what I have done is used my tip number two Which is around search tactics so I've used sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor and then you've got all sorts of different filters like the kind of Professional field you're looking for and all that kind of thing and I would just literally put in the search bar English speaking words like global international or European or e ei, which is Europe Middle East and Africa, and that's an acronym that a lot of companies use which means the job is based in France But you're working at a regional level So the work will be in English now You'll see this quite a lot in that the job title might be fully in English And then the job description is fully in French. Don't let this put you off often It's like a junior recruiter who's writing the job description. They're having to list it and They'll do in French because they're most likely going to be French But what you can do is look for clue phrases like only nécessaire ungli and palliative long de travail ungli post on on Glee or Metra's perfet de Longley and the reason that you're looking for this is because yes I fretting over it in the job description in French But you can get the hint that the jobs probably going to be in English or at least you'll be speaking in English a lot Of the time now for the same reason when you're playing for these jobs you'll always apply with your French CV plus an English CV because the first recruiter that's doing the screening is Probably French and wants to be able to more than likely read your application and French It will be quicker and easier for them tip number three is targeting French companies who are headquartered here in France That, you know have an international presence So the first place that I went is the CAC cohort, which is a French stock market list of basically France's Biggest privately listed companies because they're likely to be big multinational groups Headquartered in France and when you've got the headquarter here in France That means that the teams looking after Europe and the teams even looking after the International scope will be based here and that's how I voiced on english-speaking jobs in in France because I'm working in the international HR team, which means that I'm in contact with different countries around the world and my job so my jobs in English Of course I will leave a link to that list of companies down below and that's how I found my first opportunity at LVMH actually Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy group because I was looking at this list and I was going on each of their websites one by one and I found a job And yes, the job description was in French, but it said in the job description that you needed a perfect mastery of English So I decided to give it a go. I didn't speak a word of French and I got the job now It's not just big multinational groups that you can target as well as any French openiy He'd caught it in France with an international presence but for example, I have worked for a music streaming company called Deezer and it's like a Competitor to Spotify I'd say an online music streaming service. And when I worked there they had like a 500 employees 300 based in France, but 200 bass internationally, so I got the job able to do the HR for those based internationally For example, I've also done some work for the French gaming company Ubisoft as well They don't just produce games in France of course not and they're working with Global teams from all around the world and I did some work for them in English Now my next tip is to think about targeting embassies consulates all these kind of inter governmental bodies so for example you could target the New Zealand embassy the British Embassy the Canadian embassy you could also think about the OECD for example the OECD they have two official Work languages one is English one is French and when you apply for a job there you just need to speak one or the other fluently and for the United Nations, for example I just went on to their website and there are jobs both in French and in English So maybe think about these kinds of government related Institutions often find in universities as well actually that they need support staff and office staff that can work in English because they run International programs with international students now my next step may be super obvious. But a lot of people do overlook it Have you thought about major international companies with the presence in France? So I know people who are working for big gaming companies? So for example Blizzard Entertainment, it's got British. American Tobacco. You've got General Electric. You've got Kraft big consulting firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Boston Consulting Group McKinsey also NGOs so aid groups global organizations UNESCO, so targeting these big Anglophone groups or global organizations and in general You're always better going on their website one by one just in case that they haven't gone the extra mile to list the job on LinkedIn or indeed or whatever now my next step is have you considered working? Remotely, so you can be doing that based in France and obviously paying your taxes in France but being able to work from basically wherever you like and there are all sorts of websites where you can find these kinds of Opportunities I can't list them all but I will put a decent list down below. Some huge ones are like flicks jobs We work remotely comm jobs Brousseau Moti, calm up work I'm gonna list them all down below for you guys to check out and maybe see if you can find anything on there that would Maybe suit you speaking of this This brings me on to my next tip which is have you thought of working for yourself Of course when we think of working for ourselves we think it's only something that maybe writers or Translators or editors something like that could do if you think about it You could do almost anything as a consultant coach freelancer. For example, if you were working in PR or social media or marketing in your Previous life when you come to France. Think about how many French companies would like to have a global social media presence in English We're working for yourself. Are there any services that you could offer that you could really target an english-speaking expat community in France? Could you be an english-speaking? Relationship counselor personal trainer or you know, like if it were me for example And I really really couldn't find a job in human resources I could maybe offer English speaking career coaching services so I could coach people in English. So Expats living over here Or I could coach French people on how to write a brilliant CV resume in English if they want to apply for international jobs, for example, could you get creative? Could you use your your love of baking English cupcakes? For example, it's an interest. It's a skill. It's a passion That's whatever and could you run workshops for little French kids to come and learn how to bake English cupcakes? 100% in English which French parents would love because they want their kids to be able to speak English Sometimes when you move to a new country You just have to get a little bit crazy a little bit creative and imagine the kind of thing you could do I have a lot of expect friends who had traditional corporate careers, and now that they're in France. They've become bloggers. They've become youtubers They've become coaches like online Coaches or counselors where they run their meetings using Skype only so they don't doesn't really matter where they are based Because they're just meeting the person on skype if you have any skill interest passion at all that you could use to target either tourists in France expats in France, or French people wanting or needing to speak English for some reason then that opens up a whole new range of options now I said that I would save the best of Toulouse and so here it is and it may not be what you want to hear but 80% of the French job market hidden, that means that the rolls are not Advertised and what I've noticed Taran, that's so true is that many many many people get jobs through their Network through being referred by a friend of a friend of a friend It's not just your family and your friends at the faintest acquaintances Who can help you to get an interview? You're so much more likely to get the job why because workers have so many rights here in France Which is a wonderful thing But once the company takes a risk and high as you it's very very very difficult to get rid of you and so if someone can kind of refer you even in the smallest way to reassure them that Someone can bat for you and so what I would recommend is to get crystal crystal clear on who you are what your qualifications are and what you want and be really specific and You have no shame and you tell everyone You meet and I know it's not easy and I know it's not necessarily comfortable but that's kind of where magic happens and don't do it in a pushy sales e-way just be like I've got five years experience in a China really love to do human resources at a Multinational group you don't know anyone. Do you who works in HR here in Paris? Don't be like hey, here's my CVS ended up, but just ask everyone you meet. Do, you know anyone? do you know anyone and create a list of context and Context them and ask if they know anyone they've been willing to meet for a coffee Conversation they've been willing to just I don't know have a quick call this kind of thing because you're so much more likely to find A job this way than any other way Now the last thing I just want to say is that getting a job in France can be really tough I know really highly qualified people that have spent over six months looking for a job So you may also want to think outside the box and think to yourself Could I do a year's study here in an English speaking master's program? For example, could I do an MBA here? So that I can do an internship for a company and again network network network And hopefully get a job that way as fascinating as it is taking 12 months out of your career path Which is a long career path, you know, we're going to be working for forty years Just taking 12 months out in order to set yourself up for the rest of your time in France career wise can be worth it So guys those are the tips that I had for you for this video I hope that it was useful If you have any tips of your own Please please please do mention them down in the comments below because it will really help Anyone else who's watching this video and looking for further tips? And if you guys want to relieve some of that anxiety And actually be able to go into the interviews at least with an intermediate level conversational level of French Do consider doing the lingo to marathon that I talked about at the beginning of the video my links down below And my special code speak 88 so that you don't have to pay the entry fee. So that's it from me this time guys I'll see you in the next video Wednesday a bientot