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Salut YouTube welcome back to the Not Even French Channel today I've got some pretty funny points on the signs where you know for sure, like for sure that you're dating a Frenchman or maybe dating a French woman. If you love this kind of stuff around bicultural dating and whatnot I actually have a whole series on these kinds of videos. I have the things that I wish I had known before dating a Frenchman, I've got the signs that you're living with a Frenchman and more kind of stuff like that, so if this kind of thing that floats your boat check out my description box and I'll link those down below for you down there. Otherwise let's get into the following points where you know for sure that you're either dating someone who identifies as French nationality or is just French in their soul. Okay so the first point where you know for sure that you are indeed dating a Frenchman is that eating happens at the table. You do not have breakfast in bed no no no no no you do not eat your dinner on the couch watching TV you do not eat your food on the run you do not eat your food in the car you get the point and food is not allowed in other parts of the house definitely not the bedroom. I used to think that having things like a breakfast in bed was a very romantic thing to prepare for my partner until I realized that was kind of their worst nightmare because it would actually leave crumbs in the sheets which would just be the end of the earth apparently. Oh and speaking of eating you may also notice that they use a knife and fork to eat anything like in front of you. You feel like it's a formal dining experience like while we're at home together alone no one's watching my partner will eat a burger with a knife and fork. I'm not joking. Another sign is that they follow the news and they follow politics almost religiously like reading the newspaper every single day watching the Evening News just keeping up to date with all of the current events and the going ons and especially being able to engage in a full-on political debate is so so important in France and it's so inherent to the French DNA so it's definitely something that you should either get into yourself or you know and accept that you're gonna hear about it quite a lot. I think having this ritual is a really awesome thing because it means that you're really "woke" so to speak I mean you're up to date with what's going on and you're being a good global citizen right and what you may even realize is that the French person you're with knows more about the politics and what's going on in your own country than you do! Another point that I wanted to add about dating a Frenchman and maybe I just got lucky but I feel like they're really good around the house I feel like they're very proactive with cleaning with you know helping set the table washing up cooking it's definitely like a nice balanced thing going on I haven't really met a friend who has a slobby French boyfriend or husband you know who's just an absolute mess leaving crap everywhere they tend to be very very disciplined around the house even for me a bit too much because I'm more so the messy one. I feel like there's definitely something around like they were bought up to help around the house and they were bought up to be really clean and tidy and that makes it really easy to live with them. Another sign that you may indeed be with a French person is if they get cold very easily. You'll often hear "oh j'ai froid, j'ai froid" and they're very scared of what they call the "courant d'air" the air currents you know so you'll close those windows and you don't want to have AC running because with AC you know that could be cold and you'll catch a cold this is the common belief you'll catch a cold if the AC is running or if there's a strong breeze or this kind of thing and what I've noticed is that whenever we're driving in the car with my partner and my friends have the AC on, he'll be like: can you turn the AC down I'm cold They're just not used to having air-conditioning or draughts I guess, draughts of air coming through in their life. This isn't necessarily my partner but definitely I've seen colleagues say this that they think you know that their necks get sore because of because there was a window open and they had could feel an air current coming in the day before and like oh oh "j'ai un torticloi là" like I have a sore neck and you're like oh what happened you know did you did you sprain at playing basketball or something it's like no, a breeze came in on my neck yesterday. Another sign is that okay this is their definition of not having dinner for example like I'm not going to tonight I'm not so hungry they'll have baguette cheese meat saucisson, that kind of thing maybe even some pate and maybe even a little bit of salad and you're like that is a large amount of food that is an extensive portion of food but that's like because it's not a real dinner you know like a casserole or chicken or something like that I mean that's their idea of like not having dinner. Oh and you can't forget the fruit and yogurt for dessert as well always gonna have fruit and yogurt for dessert. Another thing about dating a French person is that, and this is super cute, like everything is spicy like plain mince nachos with some sour cream and guacamole on corn chips is spicy that's so cute it also means you have to go through the embarrassment for the rest of your life when you go to an Indian restaurant and they order butter chicken and then they get asked about which spice level they'd like and you're expecting them to say oh you know mild but they say oh like none no zero spice. Another sign that you may be dating a Frenchman is that nothing can shock them like nothing makes them say "oh my gosh it's incredible! Really?! No way!!" You'll tell them the most outrageous story like the amount of times I've come home saying "you will never believe what happened" and you talk about this outlandish scenario all these crazy characters coming in and they're just like "pfff, of course" nothing can push them over the edge I mean nothing will get them rallied up so to speak I mean at least they're getting angry because I like debating something or it's like a new political thing coming in or that kind of thing but getting them really passionate and engaged in my animated about about surprising things or about positive things mmm you may be waiting for a while. Another interesting thing about dating a Frenchman is that they'll actually notice changes in your hair, changes in what you're wearing they're actually sort of informed enough to be able to comment on what you're wearing and how well it fits your body shape like they'll actually make a compliment to me like that's a really nice neckline on you it really brings out your shoulders and you're like are you my gay best friend right now? It's actually kind of awesome. This one's for all of my expat women dating French men and their late 20s, early 30s... you know you're dating a Frenchman when he's more than happy to have a child with you but getting married? No thanks! Another thing about dating a Frenchman which is quite funny are their ridiculous pet names that they can have for year it's really cute because you're often called petite something like ma petite puce this kind of thing like my little flea which is kind of gross. The pet names when they literally translated you can be a cabbage you can be a flea you can be a rabbit actually there are lots of different animals that you can be but it's really sweet because instead of just like babe or whatever it's like mon amour, mon ange, my love my angel. Another really popular one is mon coeur my heart that's really sweet this kind of thing. I'm not saying that I get called any of these things because my partner likes to be nice and original and come up with super weird pet names for me! Another thing about dating French men is that they're not afraid of PDA public displays of affection and this can be true even in front of their family members it's like that awkward moment where you're in the kitchen and your partner gives you a little slap on the ass in front of their mum hmm just slightly awkward but yeah on the streets in front of strangers like very affectionate lots of kisses lots of cuddles and stuff but it's really sweet because that kind of stuff is always really open and really passionate which is nice. Okay so I hope you enjoyed this video. Did I miss anything let me know down below. Are you with a French man or woman and what are the things that you think are so typically French? I would love to hear from you let me know in the comments down below and otherwise let me know if any of these kind of surprised you because I assume that these are kind of shared characteristics but sometimes hey maybe it's just the one I've got! I will see you guys next video Wednesday on the Not Even French Channel. Bisous and à bientôt !