Tutorial Transcript

Hello guys, this is Yinru and welcome to Chinese weekly words 大家好! 我是Yinru。 And this week, we will have Famous Chinese Food. Yeah finally, Famous Chinese Food, my favorite. And the first one we have: 包子(bāozi). It's a kind of Chinese dimsum and you have the stuffing. Sometimes it's called buns, Chinese buns but many times it's called dimsum because sometimes you have pork, vegetables, other kinds of meat in it. And it's really good. I make that at home too. 这个包子是猪肉馅儿的。 (Zhège bāozi shì zhūròu xiànr de.) "This baozi has pork stuffing in it." Okay next one is 咕噜肉(gūlū ròu), it's"sweet & sour pork". I think it's very popular outside China. 有些人不喜欢咕噜肉,譬如说我。 (Yǒuxiē rén bù xǐhuān gūlū ròu, pìrú shuō wǒ.) "Some people don't like sweet & sour pork, for example me." Ah next one 炒面(chǎomiàn) 面(miàn) is noodles and 炒(chǎo) is "stir fried". So 炒面(chǎomiàn) is "stir fried noodles" or chowmein. 今天晚上我们吃炒面好吗? (Jīntiān wǎnshàng wǒmen chī chǎomiàn hǎo ma?) "Is it okay if we eat chowmein tonight?" Yes. Next one, 麻婆豆腐(má pó dòufu) 豆腐(dòufu) is “tofu" and 麻婆(má pó) is supposed to be some lady's name who invented this dish. 麻婆豆腐很好吃。 (Má pó dòufu hěn hào chī.) "Mapo tofu tastes really good." Next one is: 担担面(dàndàn miàn) 担担面(dàndàn miàn) is "dan dan noddles". I think it's also a Sichuan food. Oh my gosh! We have a lot of Sichuan food on here. (担担面)好吃但是不好做。 ((Dàndàn miàn) hào chī dànshì bù hǎo zuò.) "Dandan noodles are good, but hard to make.", I think... ..because of the sauces, I think it takes a long time to make the sauce, to make it good. That's the end. We have famous Chinese food for this week. So that's the end for this week's Weekly Words. I hope that you enjoyed this video and I am Yinru and I see you next week. 下周见!再见!