Tutorial Transcript

大家好!欢迎来到Chinese weekly words. Hi I am Yinru and let’s find out together what we will have today. Oh okay, it’s bugs, we are going to have bugs today. Oh my gosh! First we have 虫子(chóngzi) 虫子(chóngzi)is – it just means bug or bugs.''bug'' 很多小女生都特别害怕虫子。(hěn duō xiǎo nǚshēng dōu tèbié hàipà chóngzi.)”Many girls or many little girls, they are so scared of bugs. '' 毛毛虫(ěxīn) 毛毛虫(ěxīn) is ”caterpillar'' I played with 毛毛虫(ěxīn) when I was young. Yeah the green ones. 毛毛虫(ěxīn) 他觉得毛毛虫软软的,很恶心。(tā juéde máomaochóng ruǎn ruǎn de hěn ěxīn.)''He thinks caterpillars are soft and gross.'' I don’t think so. I think they are kind of cute. Okay, 下一个是:甲虫(jiǎchóng) 甲虫(jiǎchóng) is a ”beatle'' 有一只甲虫在吃西瓜。(yǒu yì zhǐ jiǎchóng zài chī xīguā.)''There's a beatle that is eating watermelon.'' because I remember when I was a kid, we used to like catch a beetle and put them on the watermelon because they seem to like watermelon. I don’t know about other beetles outside China but… 下一个是:蚂蚁(mǎyǐ) 蚂蚁(mǎyǐ) ''ant'' 蚂蚁的力量很大。(mǎyǐ de lìliang hěn dà.)''Ants got a lot of power.'' They can move like heavy stuff together. 下一个是:蚊子(wénzi) 蚊子(wénzi) is ”mosquito'' 我很惹蚊子。(wǒ hěn rě wénzi.) It means ”Mosquitoes always bite me.'' Oh so that’s the end. We talked about bugs today. I will be here with you next week on Chinese weekly words. 再见! Bye bye.