Tutorial Transcript

Hi everyone. Welcome to Chinese weekly words. This week, we are going to talk about – we are going to talk about hobbies this week. Hobbies 爱好 (Àihào). First one we have 书法(shūfǎ) 书法(shūfǎ) means “calligraphy”. I took a calligraphy lesson when I was little but I couldn’t hang on… 我爷爷的书法写得很漂亮 (wǒ yéye de shūfǎ xiě de hěn piàoliang.)''My grandfather's calligraphy is really good.'' Okay 下一个,下一个是:吉他(jíta) 吉他(jíta) is an instrument which means “guitar.” If you want to buy a guitar, you may ask 这个吉他多少钱?(zhège jíta duō shǎo qián ?)''How much is this guitar?'' Next one is 滑冰(huábīng) 滑冰(huábīng) is “ice skating”. I don’t know how to do that. So I can say 我不会滑冰 (wǒ búhuì huábīng.) It means ''I don't know how to ice-skate.'' Next one 上网(shàngwǎng ) 上网(shàngwǎng ) means to surf the net, to go on internet. It’s daily activity, at least for me. 我每天都会上网 (Wǒ měi tiān dōuhuì shàngwǎng.)''I surf the net every day.'' Next one is 画画(huàhuà) 画画(huàhuà) means ''to draw'' 小朋友都很喜欢画画 (xiǎopéngyou dōu hěn xǐhuān huàhuà.)''Children all like to draw.'' Okay that’s the end. So today we talked about hobbies. So what is your hobby? You can leave us a comment and I will see you next week on Chinese weekly words. 下周见! Bye bye.