Tutorial Transcript

Hi. Welcome to Chinese weekly words. I am Yinru. 欢迎来到 Chinese weekly words. 这个星期我们要讲些什么呢? What are we going to talk about this week? Let's find out. "Sports", we are going to talk about "sports". Okay even though I suck at sports. 体操(tǐcāo) or 体操运动(tǐcāo yùndòng) is "gymnastics" 李宁是体操冠军。 (Lǐ Níng shì tǐcāo guànjūn.) "Li Ning is a gymnastics world champion." He is very famous because he got the first place in the Olympics and now he has his own business. There is like a brand, a sports brand called Li Ning which uses his own name as the brand name. 篮球(lánqiú)"basketball" And the first name that came up to my mind is.. Yao Ming. 姚明是一个篮球明星。 (Yáo Míng shì yí gè lánqiú míngxīng.)" "Yao Ming is a basketball star." How tall is he? He is like 2 meters 13. I don't know it's – every time he shows up, I will think the camera have to do this you know to show him. 下一个是:足球(zúqiú) 足(zú) is a formal term for "foot". "Football" in British English, "Soccer" in American English. 我不会踢足球。 (Wǒ bú huì tī zúqiú.) "I don't know how to play soccer." So, play soccer in Chinese 踢 (tī), we use the verb 踢 (tī) which is "to kick". 踢足球 (tī zúqiú) means "play soccer". All right. 我不会踢足球。你会吗?你会踢吗? (Wǒ bú huì tī zúqiú. Nǐ huì ma? Nǐ huì tī ma?) "Do you know how to play soccer?" 乒乓球(pīngpāngqiú) Can you figure out from the pronunciation? I think "ping pong" is also called "table tennis" in English. 我想买一张乒乓球桌。 (Wǒ xiǎng mǎi yì zhāng pīngpāngqiú zhuō.) "I want to buy a ping pong table." A table that you can play ping pong. 下一个:游泳(yóuyǒng) I cannot do this… 游泳(yóuyǒng) means "swimming". 我不会游泳。 (Wǒ bú huì yóuyǒng.) "I don't know how to swim." I know it's embarrassing but I am just afraid of water. Okay that's the end. We talked about all kinds of sports. What is your favorite sports? Please let us know and thanks for watching. I will be here with you on Chinese weekly words next time. Bye bye.