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hi everybody this is Lindsey from French pod one the one that come do you know what monsters French people are scared of in this lesson you'll learn about three scary monsters in France let's start with the most popular monster Cal Cal Cal Cal it means service snail he breed with tentacles to slimy shaggy cocoon lives in underground caves it snatches victims with its mighty long tentacles before eating them all with its gigantic mouth that sounds pretty scary right you may have heard about the next monster the next one is libet's a photo la bete G G Bhutto it could be translated as monster of Giotto in English ripping out its victims clothes the monster of Shiva Donald mainly hurts women and children in the French countryside it resembles a gigantic wall with long fearsome fangs okay here is the last monster damn Blanc de Blanc have you heard of this next one it means white ladies the devil blonds are female spirits or supernatural beings there are beautiful women in white who would ask young men to dance or a system if rejected the killed a man let's wrap up this lesson by recapping what we've learned listen to the names of each monster and repeat after me snail cow cud yeah cold monster of Giotto lebed to Jay Vardhan la bete - savato white ladies damn Blanche damn long well then did you know there is a similar heritage to Halloween in France the French celebration of Halloween is very low-key compared to the American celebration and equivalent festival is led to some Oh la fete de Meaux held on November 1st on this day the French remember the Christian sense and also the death by placing chrysanthemum in the cemeteries and that's it you've just learned about three of the scariest monsters in France and a bad black Susa a laugh a demo a festival similar to Halloween now learn French twice as fast by downloading all your PDF cheat sheets including survival phrases pickup lines business etiquette and more check out the description below and go to French bud 101 that come now I'll see you next time I don't owe it messy