Tutorial Transcript

Cassie amiwa the you know Cassie amiwa means to break a mirror like in a lot of other countries breaking a mirror is considered bad luck in front in front it's believed that if you break a mirror you will be unlucky for seven years this is because the Romans believed that the mirror contained someone's soul and breaking it corrupts the soul for them the physical body renews itself once every seven years which is the amount of time required to fully restore the soul Makka pakka sila mila de la salle de vous donc in Valois set on the mellow fair a shovel did you know fair a shovel means horseshoe in France it's believed that hung in a row shoe above your door will bring you luck some people believe that this is because they are made of iron which is believed to keep evil spirits away however this is just one belief and there are other theories about the origin of this superstition EJ and fetish evil would read em apart click here to go to French pot 101.com to learn more you