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imagine you're in Mexico I would like to book a sightseeing tour how do you do it where should you go hola soy Alex Alex here anyone can learn how to book a sightseeing tour in Mexico in this lesson you'll learn how Mike and Karin are a travel agency they want to book a package tour to Chichen Itza let's watch uno Diaz cómo puedo ayudar days por favor Tomin asiento buenos dias gracias estamos interesado en visit our Chichen itzá tiene algún paquete de viaje pareja de preferential incluye low cenotes n el recorrido c tenemos uno que incluye transport a visitor Giada EBC tolosa notice suena bien tambien esta included Oh lunch si lunch go feta un restaurante de comida Yucatec a-- queremos cuatro boletos para mañana sabado dos adult OHS euros Nino's a que hora es la salida el autobus alle a las siete de la mañana frente al entrada principal de l'hotel now the lesson focus here is how to book a sightseeing tour at a travel agency have you ever booked a tour with us a hen's yeah the VIX or travel agency if you haven't here are some tips to help you out if the agency isn't well known it can be risky to give out your credit card information online so if you want to book a tour to a popular destination it's best to do so with your hotels travel agency if you want to book a tour to a more rural area you could also try to book the trip with the travel agency outside of the hotel there are many in the downtown area of any city or town some tours offer guides to pick you up directly from your hotel they come early in the morning and take you back late at night also if you are traveling with family or friends it is good to ask what kinds of deals they offer many tours offer price reductions or this Gwen dose discounts for kids the elderly and students now that you know where to book and how to get a good price let's talk about how to communicate with your travel agent usually people in Mexico are very friendly so even if you are unable to say exactly what you want to say you can still get your message across and be understood a good idea though is to bring a list of some places you'd like to visit in Spanish that way the travel agent knows where you want to go if you find yourself having difficulty communicating you can also pick up a brochure many travel agencies have brochures in English French German and other languages bigger travel agencies have even more languages to choose from also it is a good idea to pick up a or daddy about double sis bus schedule from your travel agent because many places are easily accessible by bus if you aren't familiar with Mexico or don't know where to start looking up some top 10 lists on the Internet can help narrow down your search some really popular destinations you can get to by bus in Mexico City are the National Palace the great temple ruins the Fine Arts Palace and many more emblematic parks and monuments in many cities such as Yucatan Chiapas Tabasco kalytero and Mexico City you can go on tours to archaeological sites natural reserves parks emblematic buildings museums and landmarks liked this quick lesson watch the full version at Spanish pod 101.com to understand the whole dialogue while you're there learn all about mexican culture with our audio lessons and cultural word-lists sign up for your free lifetime account at spanish pod 101.com see you next time