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imagine you're at a local market and you want to buy something what do you do for last soy Alex Alex here anyone can learn how to buy souvenirs at a local market in this lesson you'll learn how mark and Sasha are at a local market they are talking to a vendor let's watch Ola Linda Plata when I start is si Karuna pull serra de plata dinner gu disannul mint a corona poor serra de plata con un dia de estrella tengo estos mode ellos este me gusta me no puedo probe ah Claro permit amay no si vamos este cuento questa sawmill pesos aquí tienen gracias por su comprar now the lesson focus here is how to buy something at a local market Mexican local markets sell all kinds of goods from me to vegetables to arts and crafts you will find most souvenir Goods and more touristy areas remember many local markets are just stands or small shops without doors so it's easy to spot what you are looking for even if there aren't any signs some of the most popular souvenir goods from Mexico are clay gold and silver you can find these Goods at mercado de san es or mercado artisanal craftsman Arya of many cities the names of some famous crafts markets are mercado de de sannyasa taxco in guerrero and Merkel artisanal de Pascua Roe in Michoacan so be sure to check them out here is how to get what you want at a local market if you want to know if the vendor you are visiting sells something simply ask bend them and add what you want to know about if you would like to know how much something costs you can use the phrase grando cuesta how much does it cost or maybe whether that it precio they stone are you able to give me the price of this while pointing at the object you want to know about if you would like to buy more than one item you can ask for the total cost to do that simply ask Granth iesson thought that how much is it in total if you would like to buy something and think it costs too much it is alright to ask for a discount to do that simply say map with a sit on this Gwenda are you able to give a discount or MIT boy that I don't mejor precio can you give me a better price remember to always add border fog water please at the end of your sentence so that you sound more polite and receive friendlier treatment from vendors remember even though people in Mexico are very respectful and friendly some vendors may over price their items for tourists so it is good to look around first and compare prices before buying anything like this quick lesson watch the full version at Spanish pod 101.com to understand the whole dialogue while you're there learn all about Mexican culture with our audio lessons and cultural word lists sign up for your free lifetime account at Spanish pod 101.com see you next time you