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imagine you're visiting a famous psychological site what do you do Allah say Alex Alex here anyone can learn how to act while visiting an archeological site in this lesson you'll learn how mark Sasha and when are visiting Chichen Itza they are talking to the tour guide let's watch bienvenidos a Chichen Itza gracias esta permitido subieron la Pira me de puedo subieron a punta no no esta permitido debido al des gas de de las estrellas porque no vamos a ver el observatorio Claro Sigyn me puedo tomar una foto si pero sin flash por favor puede los ninos nada aquí en uno de you see now the lesson focus here's how to ask what you can and can't do at an archaeological site all over Mexico's territory there are ruins of ancient pre-hispanic civilizations such as Azteca Maha Sabha TECA and karthika some of the major archaeological sites are chichen itza polenka Teotihuacan Tenochtitlan monte albán a tagine and la Pira melody Cholula at some sites such as the Ottawa can it is possible to climb up to the top of the pyramids in others people can go inside of its ruins like the be nominated Cholula every place is different so be sure to check with your guide since the archaeological sites are some of the main and most visited attractions in Mexico it is common to find signs and printed information in English some of them also have bilingual tour guides or headsets that provide English explanations and not only English resources and other common languages such as French Chinese German and Japanese are also available if you need to ask a question it is a good idea to ask if any of the people around you can speak English to do that please ask hi aunt gaveling list does anyone speak English that way if you would like to ask permission you can do so with ease an important tip is that at some places you have to pay a guava and thathe entrance fee there also may be other guantes fees for actions such as taking pictures or videos so please get permission from the staff first some places won't have any fees instead they will have something called donation literally meaning charity that means that you decide how much money you would like to give at that particular site if you want to ask if you can do something at an archaeological site you can say s that better McGee though is it permitted to and add what you want to do or even more simply boy though can I and do the same thing remember each site has it's own set of rules so make sure you know the ones for the sites you visit and check with your guide like this quick lesson watch the full version at Spanish pod 101.com to understand the whole dialogue while you're there learn all about Mexican culture with our audio lessons and cultural word lists sign up for your free lifetime account at Spanish pod 101.com see you next time