Tutorial Transcript

Hi everybody, I am Alex and welcome to weekly words. Like usual, I don’t know what the words are and I don’t know the theme. So let’s see what it is, direction words: derecha right Like in English, derecha can mean either your right hand or like turn right Camina a la esquina y da vuelta a la derecha.Walk to the corner and turn right. este east El sol sale del este. The sun rises from the east. norte north Yo vengo del norte de México. I come from the north of Mexico. sur south Something, something, something with sur. El polo sur está muy frío. The south pole is very cold. Yeah that’s how it’s cold. frente front Frente can also mean forehead like what. Tu frente está al frente de mí. like your forehead is in front of me. The end. This is it and thank you for stopping by, see you next week, bye.