Tutorial Transcript

Well, are we ok, are we rolling yet? Are we rolling? Ok, I don’t have hours, huh! Hi! Er.. My name is Suzanne, I am forty three years old. Forty three years, er, and then also all my teeth too! Er … I'm a cashier, cashier at Leclerc and then I also take evening classes to become yoga teacher Er … What else… Er well I have three children... Three children... I have a boy, a girl and then the youngest one... Er … Surprise! Fifty-fifty, we don’t know eh, as the English would say! Dunno what it’s gonna be… And then what I'm looking for? Well… I am looking for a man… That's it! I'm looking for a man! Ok? Is that ok? That’s it? Is it ok? That’s ok? Great! Well, I'm in a rush here! I'm going! I'm going! Er… Is there someone to help me get out of the chair?