Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to Learn French With Alexa. Today, we are going to make 'Galettes des Rois' to celebrate the Epiphany which means 12 days after Christmas. It is a French tradition. What do we do? We eat 'Galette des Rois'. In the 'Galette des Rois' we hide a trinket and the one who has the trinket is king or queen for the day. So, shall we start? Well, I have decided to make 3 'Galettes des Rois' so the proportions are tripled. What do I need? To make a 'Galette des Rois', we need... 300 grams of ground almonds, 300 grams of ground almonds, 300 grams of icing sugar, 3 eggs, 150 grams of butter, and an egg yolk, actually I put two. And most of all let's not forget the little trinket to hide in the tart in the 'Galette des Rois'. In order to make the inside of the 'Galette des Rois' we need to mix everything. I mix first of all the ground almonds, there we are, and then I mix the icing sugar. There, the 3 eggs one, two, three and also the butter... the butter, of course, which has been melted, there you are... And most of all let's not forget the magic ingredient: Cointreau. I am going to put... hmm, go on let's say 5 table spoons of Cointreau in my mix... one, two, three, four and five... Go on, a last little one for the road and then the last one for me too... I should have never done that... Ok, let's carry on, and now let's mix it all. There you are, that's done. Good, the mixture is going to go in our Galette, here is the mixture, we call it 'frangipane'. Well, now we are ready to spread the pastry. The pastry is a puff pastry, but me, I have cheated a little... I bought the puff pastry pre-made. Here is our puff pastry, here you are. And I am going to spread it like this so this is what I made, I have put my puff pastry at the bottom of a tart dish/mould, ok. I think that this tart dish/mould is 22 cms. I'm not sure, I could measure but I have no time. So let's continue... Here is my puff pastry in the dish/mould. What I would like to do as well is I would like the top of the Galette so I've made a circle which is going to go on top of the Galette like this, ok? So this is what we are going to do. I am going to put the mixture of the 'frangipane' in my tart dish like this. Ok... there you go... like that... It is going to melt, logically it should not be a problem. I am going to add a little bit... I have for three tarts, let's not forget that I am going to make three tarts, ok. So, above all, don't forget, mainly mainly mainly... do not forget the trinket. So, where is my trinket? There you are! Here's the trinket! It's the trinket! This is a ceramic trinket that I kept from another 'Galette des Rois' which I bought from a bakery last year, ok. So I put the trinket inside. I am going to cover it like this. There you go. And now I am going to cover the Galette with the circle that I have cut out earlier on. It's a little bit too big, so what I'm going to do is cut it out like this. Here we are! And what I am going to do is close it up a little bit by doing this. As you may notice, I am not a pastry cook or chef so I do my best. Like we say in English: ‘I do my best'. Now I am going to make little cuts on the tart in order to give it the 'Galette des Rois' "look" so I am going to do it like this and then I am going to do some across like that, there you are. Not too much, there you are, another one there, there you go. And the most important, I am going to cover it with a beaten egg yolk but just an egg yolk... There you are, like this, there you are, there you are, I think that it's good. This will give it a more golden look. This is ready to go into the oven at 220 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes Let's go? Go on, let's go. And now I put my tart in the oven, my Galette, here and also I am going to put this one here and there you go 20 minutes 220 degrees. And so here is my 'Galette des Rois'! Mmm, it smells good!