Tutorial Transcript

Hey watchers, it’s Lya and today, we are going to talk about holiday words and this week’s theme is Music Day, I like music, you like music, everyone likes music. First one is “Fête de la musique”, Music Day. So Music Day is when summer comes out. So June 21st and you have a lot of bands playing music in the streets and it’s free for everyone to enjoy and actually well, I don’t know for all the cities but in my city where I used to live, everyone could participate as musicians. So it was really free and everyone was enjoying the music all around. Today is music day. “Aujourd’hui c’est la fête de la musique.” “La Fête de la musique est le 21 juin.” Music Day is June 21st. Next, “jouer” to play and in this case, to play music. So “jouer de la musique”, hmmm... “Je joue de la musique” I play music, “Jouer du piano” to play the piano. So watchers, tell me what instrument you play or you used to play. Next “rue” street because everyone is playing in the street. Tout le monde joue dans la rue. Everyone is playing in the street, or, music in the street, “la musique dans la rue”. “Groupe”: band. So maybe in Paris, they have a big scene with a lot of famous musicians or French musicians but in smaller cities mostly amateur bands and you can even go with your high school band or the band you made with your friends and go in the street and play. Which one is your favorite band? Quel est votre groupe préféré? Leave it in the comments. My favorite band is Goldfish. Mon groupe préféré est Goldfish. Next one is “festival”, festival. “La Fête de la musique est un festival français.” Music Day is a French festival. “Il y a beaucoup de festivals en été.” There are lots of festivals in summer. And it’s the end for this week. So to learn more about it, you can go to the website and don’t forget to leave me a comment about either your favorite band or your favorite music. Or have you ever been to a French music festival? And see you next time, à bientôt! On Music Day, everyone is drunk. Le jour de la musique, tout le monde est bourré. And that’s about it.