Tutorial Transcript

Hey watchers and welcome back to French holidays. This week’s holiday is Victory Day. What did we do to be victorious? I don’t know. Let’s discover it together. “Armistice de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale”. Victory in Europe Day. So Armistice is when we sign a treaty saying not to fight each other and it’s on the 8th of May, 1945 and it was peace yeay! Next one, “guerre”, war. Guerre. War is bad. “La guerre c’est mal.” Please don’t fight each other, make peace instead. Next one is “armée”, army. To join the army “rejoindre l’armée” In France, we used to have some mandatory army service time but it got canceled and now you only have to go there one day and they tell you about how great the army is, please join, because they are lacking people. Next one, “alliés” allies like French... France’s allies were Great Britain and USA and at some point Russia but not, but maybe tell you but not? That’s why I didn’t read history because it was complicated. So the allies. French people’s friends, they freed us uh! Next one, “capitulation” capitulation. When you put the white flag out, it means you capitulate. So you will be like no please don’t throw bombs at us anymore. “Quand on sort le drapeau blanc on capitule.” When you put out the white flag, you capitulate. Next one is – next one is the end. So if you know better than me, and you probably do, about Armistice Day in France, leave us a comment about it and don’t forget to subscribe for more silly holiday videos. See you next time! A bientôt! The fans are going to be like, “you said crap” again.