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French Listening Comprehension - Listening to a French Weather Forecast

Fri 29th Jul 2016
Ready to understand more French? This French Listening Comprehension Series tests you on your listening and makes sure you understand every word. Listen to the dialog, watch the video, and answer the questions asked. This video series is perfect for Intermediate French learners or those looking to reach an Intermediate level.

The French Weather

Thu 10th Mar 2016
Here are the first 20 lessons of Alexas popular French Essentials course.

Weekly French Words with Lya - Weather

Tue 1st Jul 2014
In this series, youll learn the must-know French vocabulary for each theme. Great for more experienced speakers! Five words are introduced per lesson, along with sample sentences. These quick, bite-sized lessons will get you speaking more French in no time! Join us for French Weekly Words with Lya!

Learn French with Videos - Weather

Wed 8th Sep 2010
In this French vocabulary video, you will learn French by watching the video, and all while listening to the French translations being read aloud by our native French speakers. Visit us at where you will find many more great French lessons and learning materials! Leave us a message while you are there!

Learn French - French Weather Vocabulary

Mon 15th Jun 2009
Master 10 French words in less that 3 minutes! Learn French vocabulary fast with these short, fun and effective videos. Using images, audio, written words and pictures, youll learn to properly pronounce, read and say each word! Challenge yourself and commit each word to your long-term memory with a short effective quiz. Simple, fun and effective! Master French vocabulary now!