Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. Or welcome if this is the first video that watch on my channel! Today we talk about collective nouns, why in a poll I published a few day ago on the channel community, I have you asked which video you wanted to see first and most of you voted for it topic. And so let's talk about this! What is a collective noun? A collective name is a name that in the singular denotes a whole of entities or individuals, that is an idea of ​​collectivity. In today's video we will see some collective names which are widely used in the language of every day and in conversations. So, the most used collective noun is without doubt what a group refers to of people, which is "crowd". A crowd is a large group of people. From "crowd" then we also have the adjective "crowded". A very busy place is a place to stay there there are many people. Then, a group of friends is a party. A group of friends. Many guys go out in group, that is, with their group of friends. The word "group" can also be used to describe a group of tourists or more generally people traveling together. A group of students is a class. This word, "class", refers to the place physical and also refers to the group of students. So we can say: "the classes of the fifth high school they went on a trip. "Per elementary school and middle school the word "school" is used, the schoolchildren went on a trip. So "a scolaresca "is a group of schoolchildren, pupils. And it is used for elementary school students and the media, which we don't call students, but "pupils". A group of people who work in a company trains the staff of a company. All the people who work for a company. The set of people working on a plane or on a ship it is called "crew". The crew of the ship, the crew of the plane. All the people who work on board the ship or the plane. Now let's move on to the animals, there are some words that are specific to some animals, as an example. A group of wolves is a pack of wolves. Also if the word "herd" can be used more in general to refer to groups of animals. But specifically, "a pack" is a pack of wolves. A group of cows or oxen is a herd. A group of birds is a flock. A group of fish is a shoal. A group of sheep is a flock. A group of penguins is a colony. A group of bees is a swarm. This word, swarm, can also be used to refer to insect groups in general. Always staying on the subject of nature: a set of rose plants is a rose garden. A set of pines is a pine forest. A set of fruit plants is an orchard. A set of leaves it is a foliage. A set of islands is an archipelago. We come now to things, objects. A set of flowers to give as a gift is a bouquet of flowers. This word, "deck", is also used to refer to a set of playing cards. A deck of cards. A set of pots, pans and pans is the cookware. A set of ships or aircraft is a fleet. The word "fleet" can therefore be used to refer to a group of ships and a group of planes, of the same company, for example. The key feature you need keep in mind is that all these words, and collective nouns in general are singular. So the verb of the sentences must be al singular. All in the singular! These are the words of today. I hope they are not too many! It is an exercise you can do with these words to memorize them better is to write sentences. Let me know in the comments here below if you have learned any new words and if so, what are these new words that you have learned! I thank you for watching this video and we see each other, as always. See you soon bye!