Tutorial Transcript

Today I'm taking you to the beach with me. A few days ago, early in the morning, I went by the sea in Maccarese, a town on the coast Lazio, to the north, not far from the northern part of Rome. After about forty minutes by car we are arrived at the beach. We chose to stay at an establishment bathing, so as not to have to bring an umbrella and cots at home. After registering at the entrance and having paid, the lifeguard accompanied us to our umbrella. We are by the sea, in Maccarese, which is the sea closer to Rome, that is, it is closer to the part of the city where we are. From northern part of Rome is much simpler get to Maccarese and Fregene, why it took us to get here in Maccarese 40 minutes by car. Instead for those who are in southern Rome it is a lot easier to reach Ostia, Anzio, Nettuno. Now the most important time has come of the day, I put on sunscreen. So, at the seaside here in Italy you can find two situations on the beach. A beach equipped, which is where we are now. "Equipped beach" means that there are umbrellas, sunbeds, there is a lifeguard with the rescue station. There is therefore the bathhouse that manages this area, keeps it clean and then also offers gods services to bathers, such as bar, restaurant, bathrooms, changing rooms, etc. Therefore all this is called "bathing establishment". Obviously on the equipped beach the umbrellas and sunbeds are rented. Beyond this fence, however, there is that which we call free beach and you can see the difference. If people decide to go to the free beach, they bring their umbrellas, their beds, their chairs, etc. IS there is nothing, it is a free beach, in fact. Now let's go to the shore. This part here is called "shore", is the part between water and dry sand. Is called "shore" because there is sea water which goes back and forth and then wets e then the sand dries up. And then it wets and dries, "shore". The water is cool enough and the sea is moved, there are waves, as you can see. If not were moved, it would be calm. It says "sea calm "," flat sea ". We say "flat calm" when the situation arises it is very quiet and it is an expression that derives right by the state of the sea. When the sea it's calm, it's flat. And so we say "today it's flat calm, "which is a very situation Quiet. I would like to do one thing, I would like to move mine lounger, put it in the sun and take some of Sun. A little wind got up. Now let's go to take a bath. After the bath, I dried myself in the sun, lying on the bed. That's the grattacheccaro. It makes scratchers, these are all syrups and there in between has a block of ice. The scratcher it is typically Roman. It is not the granita, is the grattachecca. What a pain to pull that cart for the shore. Soon after it was time for lunch. We brought some sandwiches, some vegetables and fruit. This is called “lunch packed ”, typical of when you go on trips daily by the sea or in the countryside. I fell asleep on the cot. I'm full of sand and are sticky with salt. But it is sea life. After a half day on the beach, around 4pm we were ready for go back home. Let me know if you liked this video and what new words have you learned! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel, if you haven't done it yet! Thanks and see you in the next lesson, see you soon bye!