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Salut YouTube I hope that everyone's having a lovely holiday period happy holidays to everyone as you can see I'm coming at you today from the lovely New Zealand it's the 31st of December and I wanted to share with you guys what my goals are gonna be for 2018 so one of the reasons that I wanted to do this video in the first place is above and beyond just sharing my goals with you guys is that I thought it would be super cool if I look back on this video at the end of 2018 to see how much progress I actually made against these goals and rather than just having sort of throwaway New Year's resolutions like I'm gonna lose more weight for example and trying to make very smart goals so smart as a specific measurable achievable realistic and time-bound but before I get into that I just want to say a big thank you to all of my new subscribers that I've gained this month this community has just skyrocketed it makes it so much richer when down in the comments section we can start a debate we can exchange ideas so the more subscribers there are and they're more people there are in the community the more exciting it will be and I do actually have a goal that's related to YouTube which I'll get to a little bit later in the video but for now let's get into my goals for 2018 so goal number one is that I want to be completely at ease in French it's time guys I have been in France for over four years now it's really getting to a point where I just so desperately want to be what I would consider fluent in French of course I can have conversations I can make phone calls I can go shopping I can survive and do all of my basic daily tasks in French but I'm still at the point of my language learning curve where although I'm comfortable speaking and chatting in French with people I know as soon as I encounter someone that I don't know really well I freeze and I get so shy and I don't really like speaking French in front of them and it would just be such a wonderful feeling for 2018 to be free of that so to get a little bit more specific there are these kinds of European language learning frameworks to adhere to and you move up and level from a1 a2 that's your really sort of beginner phase B 1 B 2 this is intermediate to solid intermediate and C 1 and C 2 and C 1 and C 2 you're really able to express yourself you're able to imagine just have your full personality shine and be witty and French and be funny in French so my specific goal is that I would like to be able to sit and exam at the end of 2018 passing the level c1 and French and what would this mean well something that I really want to be able to do is make videos in French you guys may have already seen my first video of me speaking in French you know it's not really fluid I'm more uptight I'm a little bit nervous I want to be able to make videos in French just like this if you guys know the YouTube channel Patricia be in France I want to be like her she's the Queen she's an American living in France and her French is on point so my second big goal for 2018 is probably the one that I'm the most excited about and that is I want to submit my dossier to become French so in September 2018 I will have been in France for five years and I'll have the opportunity to apply for my French nationality through naturalization it's not as simple as that it's not just five years on the ground of course you have to show strong stability the fact that you've been contributing to France that you have paid all of your taxes since you've been here of course there's a lot of different documents to prepare and it's quite an overwhelming process as you can imagine there's French bureaucracy and then there's applying for French nationality bureaucracy it's honestly it's going to take me probably six months to prepare it's going to cost quite a lot of money so it's something that I really don't want to procrastinate with or put off just because it's too hard so my goal for this is really by the 15th of September 2018 I will have submitted all of the documents that I need to to apply for my French nationality and then fingers crossed that I get an interview within about a year after doing that guys could you believe that I could become French like I can keep made two nationalities I can be a French Kiwi so I guess you could call it like a freeway so I can be a freeway I'm gonna have to change my youtube channel name I won't be not even French I'll be French my third big goal for 2018 is that I want to become debt free so unfortunately in New Zealand it does cost quite a bit of money to go to university it's nowhere near the United States for example but it's maybe more like the UK so you're probably looking at around 4,000 to 8,000 New Zealand Dollars or let's say 2 to 6,000 euros per year to go to university so I left University after five years of studying in New Zealand owing over 30,000 euros and it's pretty depressing because you start your adult life at and quite a large amount of debt you know that's a decent way towards a house deposit obviously I'm in a little bit of a specific situation because I am from New Zealand so that means I do have to go home every one to two years which is super expensive and on the other side I mean because I am in Europe and I'm so far away from my friends and family and I'm living in Europe I'm like oh it's got to be worth it and I need to make the most of it and that's I mean if you guys follow me on instagram you'll see that I have also been on little trips here in there to Italy and Greece and go to London for the weekend I mean not all the time of course I couldn't possibly do that but 2 to 3 times a year I do try to go overseas as well within Europe to kind of have discover more of Europe which is sort of becoming my second home as well so that is a relatively expensive side of my life but my daily life I try to be super sensible and happily I am on track to pay off that debt finally in 2018 which I couldn't be more thrilled about and I want to get it paid off at the latest by the 5th of October 2018 because that's my birthday and my goal is I will not be turning 29 in debt I want to be debt-free before I adult and I sign up big things like mortgages and things like this but I just want to have a moment of my life my adult life where I'm completely debt-free my last goal for 2018 concerns you guys cuz it's about YouTube so YouTube has become one of the most important things to me I don't know why I put off studying and YouTube channel for so long but I've got a pretty big goal for YouTube between the eighteen and it's probably a little bit unrealistic but as I say shoot for the moon and if you don't land there at least your fault amongst the stars so my big goal for YouTube for 2018 is to hit 30,000 subscribers and I know that sounds a little bit crazy saying that out loud but the reason I have such an enormous goal for YouTube is because I think that if you're creating clear engaging and really consistent content and you're putting it out on a regular basis and you have a community around you who are down in the comment section we're helping each other out we're asking in Christians we're supporting each other and we're having fun together then I think that's gonna be a place where people want to come to the videos and they want to see what's going on there for me subscribers are the most important YouTube metric out of anything it's not number of videos it's not number of views subscribers means someone's put their hand up in the night yet I'm in like I join and the more subscribers we have the more interesting the comment sections get the more questions I get the more a quiz I get so it becomes much more of a two-way relationship which I really enjoy rather than me just creating videos and submitting them to this sort of anonymous internet so I think this is a humongous goal which is gonna push me to do the absolute best that I can with YouTube and 2018 and I hope that you guys will be there alongside me cool so that's it from me today guys I wish you all a very happy new year all the best for 2018 if you're happy to share what your New Year's resolutions are or your goals for 2018 are please leave them down in the comment section below I'll definitely be reading there and checking that out but until then I'll see you next year a bientot