Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! In today's video I will teach you four ways to express your opinion. What I will tell you in this video are of very, very useful expressions and then write them down, Because you will not forget them and I'm sure they will be useful in the future. The first expression is very simple and is ACCORDING TO ME. "To me, it's not a good idea." "In my opinion, we should do this." " In my opinion, we should go and talk to the professor." So you see, the expression IN ME introduces your thinking, what you want to say. As you can see, this expression does not have a verb, It is simply, if we want, one Nominal spelling to introduce, in fact, your opinion. Other expressions, on the other hand, contain a verb. And I am: (I) I LIKE THAT, (I) THINK THAT, (I) REMEMBER THAT. Obviously you can understand the personal pronoun "I" and, therefore, simply say I THINK THAT, I BELIEVE THAT, I BELIEVE THAT. After CHE, in all three cases, you have to use the conjunctiva, I recommend! "I think that's right." "I think that's right." "I think that's right." If you want, of course, you can also form the negative version of these expressions And then say: I DO NOT THINK ... I DO NOT THINK... I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT ... So, to summarize: you can express your opinion, or the Your thoughts, using one of these four expressions: In my opinion, I think, I think, I think that. Of course there are others, however, uhm, I think these are the four most expressions. Used by Italians to express their opinion. And then it is always better to learn a little at a time rather than all together. So other expressions will teach you later. Agree? Thank you so much for watching this video! I hope that is useful to you, like all the other videos I do. I would recommend, if you have any questions or advice or would like to express your opinion, Leave a comment below. And, if you want, you can also follow me on instagram, where I always try to teach you words and new expressions along with photos that are public. I greet you and see you in the next video.