Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my channel! In this video, I would like to talk to you about an expression, or a word, or rather, a greeting that we use fairly often in Italian. You know that to say good day in Italian we use, exactly that, the word "buongiorno" But another word also exists: buondì. Alright, the idea for this video came to me because one of my students, Irene, (whom I'll say hi to!) had asked me exactly that question. She asked me what "buondì" meant. Alright, "buondì" is a single word like "buongiorno" Don't forget, it's a single word! Don't write "buon giorno" because it's wrong. You write "buongiorno". It's one word. The same goes for "buondì". "Buondì" is one word. "Buondì" is a synonym for "buongiorno". But why do we say "buondì"? In astronomy, the day is comprised of: "il dì", which are the daylight hours, and "la notte" which are the nighttime hours. So, formally, "il dì", scientifically, or from an astronomical point of view, is that which we commonly, in everyday language, call "giorno". And, by contrast, from an astronomic or scientific point of view, "il giorno" is actually the the sum of "dì" and "notte". So, we say "buondì" because "dì" is a synonym for "giorno", okay? So to wish someone a good day, we can use "buongiorno" and "buondì". "Dì" is written with a grave accent over the i, to distinguish it from the simple preposition "di" If you hear someone tell you "buondì!", they're wishing you a good day. It's like they're saying "buongiorno!" I say "buondì" pretty often. I don't know if you follow me on Instagram, but often in my stories I write "buondì!". Let me know, in the comments below, if you have ever heard this word or if you've ever used it, ok? I am very curious to hear your ideas and your stories on this word. Today I wanted to fill you in on this linguistic fun fact, and next week we'll go back to the grammar lessons, so... I'd like to alternate, do one grammar lesson, one linguistic lesson, sometimes a vlog. Depending partially on my ideas and partially on the time that I have to record videos, but regardless, There's a new video every week. If it's on Sunday or Monday, I can't say with any certainty. But anyway, either Sunday or Monday, there is a new lesson on my channel. Thank you very much for having watched this video. If you're not subscribed yet, subscribe to my channel, and I'll be grateful! We'll see each other next week, in the next lesson. See you soon, ciao!