Tutorial Transcript

Hello, guys! Welcome to Hi, my name is Bao Yuting. It is the first time to see you here. Nice to meet you! 你好 (nǐ hǎo) is the most common way. First time The more casual way to say 你好 (nǐ hǎo) is 嘿 (hēi). And just like this, you meet your friends, you can say You like my video? We will be going to Hawaii for this holiday?! Yuting, you are so beautiful. I am flattered. But in my heart, hahaha, You are right, I am beautiful. When you friend is racing for competition, you can say Yuting, today there is nobody that can cook for our dinner, Actually, I don’t know how to cook. What’s that? You say you want to drink a tea with me? Okay. My favorite food, Peking duck. Do you like 北京烤鸭 (Běijīng kǎoyā)? Peking duck. Yeah! Yeah you can do it Actually in my generation, all the friends will say “okay” instead of 好的 (hǎo de). So you can just use okay, like this. Could you come here please? Could you please help me pass this water? And also for this phrase, you can also use 没事的 (méishì de), it’s like, thank you so much for your help. And also like this, Ah so sorry, I am late again. When you sit in the restaurant and you just finish it, and you can say that to your friends Ah it’s beautiful. Oh... my watch is broken. I’m my mother now… Aiya career… For my generation, the most common way is to say “oh my god!” Is it spicy? I haven’t tried it. Come here, come here. Just kidding! Oh, this song is so romantic. Goodbye. But most casual way to say is 回见 (huí jiàn). Okay that’s all! We did the Top 25 Chinese Phrases today. What’s your favorite phrase? My favorite phrase is Trust me, it’s very common and very, very useful. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe. Thank you, see you next time.