Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. How are you doing? I hope you are all very well, as usual! As promised in the last video, the video in which I gave you some advice on how to overcome the fear of speaking (if you have not yet watched it, I will leave the link in the info box below) today, we will talk about how to practice speaking even if we do not live in Italy; it is possible to practice speaking even if one does not live in the country where the language is spoken, because today we have at our disposal so much tools especially on the Internet, which permits us to do, frankly speaking, anything. So, in this video I want to give you a list of tools, that is apps and websites, to practice speaking. Let us begin with the tools for online conversations. I have tried some of these; others, I have not tried but I have received some positive feedback from people with whom I have spoken and from people I know. To practice speaking online, you can find a language partner with the help of the following resources: italki, Tandem, HiNative, conversationexchange.com You can engage in language exchange with people who, for their part, want to learn your mother tongue. Let’s say, for example, that your mother tongue is English, [and] you want to practice Italian, that means you will find an Italian person who, for their part, want to practice English. So, this language exchange is completely free. If you do not find someone with whom to practice right away, don’t be discouraged. These things need time and especially patience. Because establishing rapport online is not very easy, so you have to find just the right person, who is nice, and with whom you are comfortable speaking. And then another advice I can give you is to try a lot of tools Perhaps try to find a language partner on all these resources which I have recommended to you and see how it goes! Let us now go on to the group of resources for speaking offline. What does this mean? It means that they are websites that permit you to find language groups in your city. You can go to someone at these meet-ups in order to have Italian conversation. The sites that I want to recommend are: meetup.com, Polyglotclub.com and eventbrite.com. On these websites you can search and find language events, which are either conversation groups or perhaps you can find a bookclub, or you can find a movie club. If you do not want to practice speaking on the internet, you can take part in these events. So there is something for everyone. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list of all the resources which exist, these are some resources that I have selected. If you know about others, please, leave them below in the comment section! Because it could be very useful for everyone who will watch this video. Thanks a lot for watching this video today and I hope above all that you will find it useful. If you have comments and questions, do not hesitate to leave them below this video. And I will see you in the next video. See you soon. Bye.