Tutorial Transcript

Hi everyone and welcome to my channel! I'm Lucrezia and in this video I'll show you 5 ways to learn a new language First, I want to tell you that if you check out my blog you'll find a post written in English on the same subject of this video So, everyone knows that it's hard to learn a language and therefore, we are constantly searching for ways to learn faster, in the best way possible, etc. The most effective method and/or the best, if you prefer, to learn is having fun! The 5 ways that I'm about to tell you are 5 things that you can do to learn without, say, sitting down at a table and reading a book or learning. The first way is the play of associations. What does this mean? I learn a new word and from this word I can get another thousand From a noun i can create a verb, I can create the adjective, and then from that adjective I can create the opposite of that adjective Or from the verb I can create, just, the declensions; I can see the collocations, that is the other way, nouns you use with this verb, etc. and this, you see, going forward with studying, will automatically occur. The second way is to use the internet Lots of you will think: Obviously! I use the internet to learn There are so many resources on the internet, the important thing is to find things that work for you the third way is get new friends online that speak the language that you're studying You could start doing language exchange, that is: I teach you Italian and you teach me Arabic, I teach you Spanish, and you teach me English, etc. Then maybe from there a friendship can be born, who knows! The fourth way is to step out of your comfort zone, and in this case in language learning, the risk of making mistakes is the most important of all ways to learn Don't be scared to talk, don't be scared to experiment with new ways of learning The fifth way and last way is to watch an original film and to listen To music in the language you're learning I can't say this enough, it's something I say all the time, all the time! You have to watch a film in its original language, you need to listen to music in the language You're learning Because the more you do and the more your brain enters the order of the idea that this language is a friendly language, it's a familiar language You listen, you have fun, you watch the movie, you learn I hope that this video is useful and that, say, that these are reasons to learn more and more! Thank you so much for watching this video, see you later! Bye!