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hi everybody I am Lindsay from French but one the one that cam do you know how French people celebrate New Year's Day in this lesson you learn some important phrases about the French New Year and some valuable culture tips in French New Year's Day is called nouvelle nouvelle on nouvelle Oh French people greet each other by thing burn and burn me this means Happy New Year when you meet someone for the first time in the new year be sure to greet them with this phrase French people also celebrate the holiday with special events and customs with having a party being the most common so you should remember this word fat fat this means party in French in France people celebrates the coming new year with friends they have parties at home or in cafes and restaurants the most popular places to have a party are those closest to the FL tower as soon as night falls people go and meets to share the last meal of the year and to also spend the evening together it's a good opportunity to take some time and angelite on this special day French people have a special meal starting with an aperitif a very cheap this means appetizer as you may know French people are foodies in order to spend the evening well they have to eat a sophisticated meal subvert explains over several courses first there is the operative when French people drink champagne and give toasts to the health of friends and family then they begin to eat starting with smoked salmon and foie gras on toast people also eat oysters meat or fish and of course there has to be the cheese platter for dessert French people sometimes eat a log cake let's wrap up this lesson by recapping what we've learned listen to the words and repeat after me the New Year's Day Bluebell Nouvel Oh Happy New Year bonne année bonne année party FAT FAT appetizer aperitif happy Ritchie well then here's a fun fact do you know what French people traditionally have to do when they pass under a sprig of mistletoe after the stroke of midnight on New Year's custom dictates that French people should kiss under a sprig of mistletoe this plant is used as an ornament for the holiday season it symbolizes prosperity and longevity the legend states that couples which is under the mistletoe will be married within the year you just learned how French people celebrate New Year's Day and some important facts about the holiday and if you want to learn French twice as fast just click the link in the description and download tons of pdf lessons for free I'll see you next time at the until eight maxie yeah like recapping let's wrap up this lesson with by