Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! This week is the week of Italian language in the world and therefore today I want to talk about where Italian is spoken in the world. So we distinguish two categories: the Italian language as an official language and the Italian language as an unofficial language. So, Italian is spoken as an official language in Italy, obviously; in the Vatican State, where Italian is an official language together with Latin; then in the Republic of San Marino; in Croatia, as one of the official languages, precisely in Istria, where there is bilingualism; in Slovenia, where Italian is indeed one of the official languages, it seems to me the second official language, I would not be wrong; and then Italian is also spoken in Switzerland, where it is one of the official languages because it is the language that is spoken in Canton Ticino. Italian is also spoken in other countries where, however, it is not an official language. So why should you speak Italian in other countries where it is not the official language? Well, for different reasons, for example for historical reasons, territorial influence or because many people have emigrated to a particular country, so we speak Italian in countries where there is a high number of Italian immigrants, for example, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Germany also, and other countries. Italian is also spoken in some countries where in the past Italian (and Italy) had influence, for example Malta, Albania, Corsica, etc. Obviously we speak of political influence, but also of influence given by geographical proximity, of course. Italian is also spoken in the former Italian colonies found in Africa: Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia. And then we speak Italian where you study, of course. So, here we restrict the field to universities and cultural institutes Italian specifically, which are located in various countries of the world. Italian is widespread in the world for various reasons, it is even the fourth most studied language in the world and for us Italians in this is a big surprise because we are always led to think that Italian is useless. Why should someone study Italian? Because you know that Italians, I also understand sometimes, I am a bit' pessimists, no? They always tend to see the negative side of things, even in this the Italians do not know much enhance your country and culture, so we always tend to think that nobody wants to learn our language, but it's not like that, obviously it's not like that! The goal of the Italian language week in the world is precisely that of promote more and more the Italian language abroad, Italian culture abroad, let's say the true Italian culture, moving away more and more from stereotypes of all kinds. But I think it's very important too extend this week of the Italian language even here in Italy, because we need to promote our culture here too, because it is important. Many people do not realize wealth of our language, of our culture and give many things for granted. So, it would be nice that many more Italians realized the country in which they live and the language they speak. Thank you so much for watching this video! If you have any comments or questions to ask, feel free to leave a comment below and write comments constructive, which are good for our online community. Thank you so much for watching this video. We see each other in the next. In the meantime, you can watch some other lessons!