Tutorial Transcript

hi welcome to introduction to French my name is Alicia and I'm joined by hi everyone I'm Candace in this lesson we'll focus on teaching you the most useful French words and phrases for absolute beginners make sure you're repeating the words out loud after I say the examples are you ready let's get started the best phrase to learn when studying a new language is one that expresses gratitude and appreciation if you had to learn only a single phrase this would be it we taught you this phrase in the first lesson of this series do you remember what it was merci beaucoup it means thanks a lot merci beaucoup keep repeating after Candice until you get it merci beaucoup your turn merci beaucoup merci beaucoup one last time merci beaucoup okay the next phrase we'll teach you is perhaps the second most useful of all phrases it's to apologize or to excuse yourself excuse moi it means excuse me excuse moi use this phrase when you're hustling through the busy streets of Paris excuse moi your turn excuse-moi once more excuse-moi okay one last time excuse moi well done you can also excuse yourself by saying paddle try it vadym and again paddle one last time paddle if you want to apologize directly for something you've done you can say just feed easily sous-vide is early just feed easily one more time just read easily well done now you can say thank you excuse me and I'm sorry in French let's move on asking where something is is an incredibly important and useful phrase to learn you're going to need this when you're asking where the bathroom the train station or where the hotel is to ask where something is say pouvez-vous mozilla suit over and then at the place or location pouvez-vous medieval suit over pouvez-vous means can you mudsy means tell me ooh means where and suit ov means is located altogether it means can you tell me where something is located for example if you wanted to say can you tell me where the bathroom is located we would start with pouvez-vous medieval suit over and then add the bathroom the toilet pouvez-vous media also truly toilette try it pouvez-vous media who sort of leat well it pouvez-vous medieval suit holy toilette for the train station it would be like aha pouvez-vous murder was sort of like yeah poor even with the opposite of lager and for the hotel Lou tell whoever Medea was at home hotel pouvez-vous Mediaset whole hotel you can also add excuse me before you ask where something is to be polite excuse moi pouvez-vous Moodle Satoru then you can ask where anything is by saying pouvez-vous Mozilla's so - and then adding the place or location in this final lesson you learned how to say thank you excuse me I'm sorry and to ask where something is in French and in this series we introduced you to the basics of French pronunciation grammar writing and more let's conclude with some parting advice from Candace and listen to some of her tips on how to learn French from a native French perspective the best way to begin learning French is to start with simple words and build up your vocabulary from there you can start learning simple phrases and creating basic sentences don't concern yourself too much with articles and complex grammar when first starting out focus on stringing together words your goal is to communicate and you don't have to be grammatically correct to the dots learning basic word order and using the vocabulary that you know can get you a very long way remember French uses the same subject-verb-object world order as English focus on this aspect and you'll be able to speak French in no time lastly learning French like any language requires you to immerse yourself in the language exposure to the language is key one simple thing you can do to immerse yourself is to watch contemporary French videos like our videos here at French bawd 101.com this will ensure that you're learning real applicable French in the fastest way possible you've reached the end of this course introduction to French but it's only the beginning of your journey to French fluency where do you go from here try our innovative French culture series where we teach you beginner vocab and even more useful phrases or check out any of our other video series we have many different categories for you to choose from good luck as you continue learning French and I'll see you in another video bye bye you