Tutorial Transcript

We're in my hood! - The Burgerhaus - Sounds good! Even I could eat there probably. I've heard they have burgers. ...if I were to at least one day a week, let's say Monday, not eat any meat. And then be all disappointed when you walk in. Like in South Park where that teacher always made huaah! Is that art or can we throw it out? Theatre at the Goetheplatz.It doesn't get more German than this. A friend of mine lives right next to it. Hucky, you know him right? At the graveyard right? - Is he always drunk? (hacke sein is slang for being drunk and Sergio jokingly asked if Hucky (Jan Haake) is always drunk. Sometimes! You can see them in the crib. The gangsters in the crib. Cribs? Cribs. - And on the other side the Bloods. You can buy mulled wine there! What do you want? Mulled wine, mulled wine with liquor, fire tongs punch? What? Mulled wine with liquor? That exists? Yup. die Nelke(n) = the clove(s) They don't offer fire tongs punch, mulled wine instead? Yeah mulled wine is okay. Four mulled wine please! Mulled wine with rum! Pass it through! Pass it through dammit! It's in about the same style. Do you know Sabaton? Yup. An accoustic session. Totally awesome! Somewhere in a music store in the middle of Stockholm and did an accoustic session. So awesome! It's difficult in general to make a movie out of a fighting game. But they made The Dark Knight from the Batman comics. Wasn't there a Tekken movie before as well? A titty movie? Yeah and Dragon...balls... That one was really terrible I think. Morgan is a very nice British brand. They only make custom-made cars. Pretty! Lego Santa. Nice. Very, very nice. Beautiful. Who wants to drink some more? Yeah, wait a bit...let's eat first! I told Vuko too! Yeah, now we're going to the Suppenkasper! A real nice kale soup? Nice! Nice! Do yo want a soup Christian? And they also have power foods...hey what are you doing? We're breaking the law! We're crossing the street while the red light is on! Here, all the way to the top. Faster! We can't lose to them! Faster please! Look how relaxed their breathing (not.) Should we drink one more? You better not put that up on the internet! Uhm, I mean in an elevator! Going to the first floor! Ground-floor. There he is! Where was I? We asked ourselves the same question! Guys you missed the Paulaner fountain! We're still here... With liquid beer! Yeah sure. No, British beer! With no head? Yup! What? There is no foam, it can't be German beer! Do you just have strange sausages in your mouth? Yes. Right! Should I give them a tenner if they still take it? Well, you're the treasurer. Turkish coffee with rum guys! Careful! Slippery when wet! You are so bonkers! I thought they applauded for you up there. Oh okay, thanks thanks! Dropkick in the face! We match you with Walls of Jericho! Someone there was called Lars Christmas. But they surely hired him for that, I mean, come on! I wanna ride too! I wanna ride too! Please, please, please! Jump on it then! And everything's backwards! Now's my chance! I won't get rid of you this easy again! My dick is stuck! My dick is stuck! I would scream quite differently than just like that if that was the case. Aaaand we're 12 years old! Here Christian, if you go up there I'll give you...nothing! Thank you! I'll take you up on that right away! Jump here and there and everywhere! And everywhere! More importantly, when will they get here with the beer? Much luck for your birthday, everything good for your...nice...much luck for your birthdaay! Shut up! All the best for your non-birthday boys! versacken = to stay out late for boozing We did that last time as well with four people in here. It's scary! And now out! Quick before we fall down! Have you at least seen the lettering here? It's beautiful! It was pretty scary in the elevator just now.