Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to Get Germanized - Angry German Christmas Song Medley! Every year again, flutters the snow, you don't only green during Summer, don't be afraid! And see what in this most holy night, is born today, the Winter, come you shepards, don't let me freeze, funny funny, tralaralala, you men and women! Let's be happy and jolly! One more time we'll wake up, you kids come, open the doors for me, tomorrow children you'll get something Christ child is coming soon! The father in heaven makes us happy, yay, then it's Christmas day! Funny, funny, tralaralala! O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, you come from the clouds, down to Earth where we humans are! Be happy, be happy, soon Saint Nick's Day is here! Jingle bell, jingle jingle, your way is so far! Jingle bell jingle! How true are your leafs, let me in children and be happy, Christ was born, mercy, little snow flake, white skirt, the forest shines christmasy, which the Lord has chosen to be your savior, the world was lost, what cheer what life! Calm and frozen rests the Christ child, soon it's Saint Nick's Day, don't be afraid!