Tutorial Transcript

Don't you have Bushido?! (German rap) Turn right Trainer. Yeah right. Oops! :D Chrischan how nice they have done it up here! - Beautiful! - Beautiful! Daniel is also totally in love with the decorations. - I'm stirred not shaken. Bremen central station Or he's playing Starcraft somewhere at the moment. Caption: Doesn't play Starcraft at the moment He's Korean isn't he? - Yeah dunno And there he is! Ah how nice this is! Look at Sergio's (shower) curtain, how awesome it that please? Christian, what are you playing with the ex-panda for? It was once a panda, now it's just leather stripes. Are you able to approximately tell where we are? - No. - We could go through there then there'll be some mulled wine booths. There? - Yup - Alright but we got mulled wine ourselves, we could just go there and drink something. Here starts the pedestrian area, we gotta walk slower. Not so fast! ;) Oh yeah, only 30 now! -Inner city area and stuff. Kaufhof (a German department store business). Christmas edition! That Santa stood there in the middle of October already. - Really? -Yeah. I want this big bottle of Henkell Dry. - Mmh, yeah, then pay €50 for that! 20! - Oh, okay. I thought this one. - Oh, alright. We should just get one of those big bottles each. - One each, haha. - But I'm a fan so I'll get shots. Fan gulp. - Gulp, gulp, gulp! - Oh I still got one of those at home. Tell them it's the smallest bottle you can buy in Germany. der Alkoholiker = the alcoholic (jk :D) Sergio found his quality drink! - It really looks like it / nice. -What's that? Fever tree? Is that an alcohol / drug mix or what is that? Did you know that the Pilsener comes from the town Pilsen? - No. Enlighten us! I think it's Czech beer. - That's also what I heard. Knowing more with Dr. Christian! I can only recommend it! - How about a real burger from the Burger House? - There you taste...well, I don't know about you as a vegetarian but... - Even you would feel the carnal desire again! ;D I always feel it anyways. - But only down below! Yes, yes. I do it like you did, just longer by now! - You can put it in your pants if you want. - In the pants...great. I wanted to try it as well Christian, how long I can keep up the vegetarianism. And so far I don't miss it. - Yeah, I so rarely eat meat. - Only during BBQ season it was difficult. I so rarely eat meat, by now I cook with meat deliberately once a week and enjoy it and take my time and sometimes...I don't wanna forbid myself eating it. Tips for all circumstances! By Dr. Christian! And when I'm invited somewhere or join someone for dinner. I'm from Bielefeld, I should probably root for Paderborn. It says GΓ€nsebrust (geese breast), not GΓ€nsehaut (geese skin) :D The rest of the yummy goose will be thrown out. die Krokette(n) = (potato) croquette(s) Then Chrischan said "Always those Asians" and then he said "it's not even one (an Asian)!" Well, let's see how many beers I'll be able to drink! - More than one! Dogs! I donate blood...mumble mumble. - Yeah dogs are nice! Old Town where all the hookers live! Over there! :D - What? Everywhere! Pretty nice! - Yup! It already looks nice by day but even better now! Nurgle (Daniel) is out! Do you wanna shoot boogers at him? - Sounds like a plan. -Okay! - I didn't say it was a good plan.