Tutorial Transcript

So then, good morning everyone I'm here in Sorrento alone I'm learning Italian One week ago I was in Rome to start my Italian studies And now, I think it's ok I can understand more than I can speak But today, after school I decided to go to Positano alone because it's beautiful out today There's a magnificent sun Hi, good morning To go to Positano, I need to take the bus Yes, yes Can I buy the ticket here? How much does it cost? One (ticket)? A ticket for now, and then a return ticket So, two tickets 3.60 euros, 1.80 one way, 1.80 return thank you Where is the bus stop? At the bottom of the stairs to the right I think it's beautiful but I don't know because I've never seen it with my own eyes but, we'll see How much do they cost? It depends? From 20 euros up It's too big what a shame You know, this time, I haven't yet tried a gelato in Italy It's a shame, really Maybe today If I find it here But I think that now I'm going to eat it Chocolate and Stracciatella (the best flavor on earth) This place is magnificent I don't believe it, really I'm in love with Rome with Sorrento with Italy