Tutorial Transcript

Good morning everyone, I'm here in Italy I'm trying to make a video only in Italian to practice and also because, I'm here, in Sorrento with a marvelous family and I speak a little bit of Italianol and also, Portoitaliano it's a mix, but it's all good I decided to spend three weeks to finally FINALLY learn Italian So, I'm here in Sorrento It's a magnificent city there's the sea there's the Amalfi Coast It's beautiful But, the most beautiful thing for me has been the family with whom I lived And I really wanted to make this video to show you how a family from Sorrento is and Italian family And also because I like them so much and I want to remember this beautiful moment Ya'll ready? let's go! This is my host "aunt" Aunt Francesca Uncle Dominico The kids awwww, cuties Alright, let's go cook In "risotto" of course there's rice but, does the "sotto" mean something? Risotto, it's the method to cook the rice You need to keep mixing and mixing Yeah, it takes a while In fact, we have this machine to do it, but there are actually machines that do just that But, we're going to cook it with the "Bimby," no? yes There's this thing here, it's called a Bimby It's a robot, it does everything IT'S A ROBOT! and there's this magazine here that has each recipe that you can do with the Bimby Impressive In my opinion, to cook better, an "aperitivo" is necessary That's why I like Italy so much because we drink so much? because of Aperitivo! Ready? You know I'm scared of opening this? because it explodes? yeah, it's like BOOM! I'm scared! The pressure! Wow, so much pressure, really where is it? (the cork) In Italy, if you get hit with this, and get married and will be very lucky or it just brings luck anyways It brings fortune to whoever it hits These are wine glasses, but it's ok, let's go to young people who travel! So, we haven't cooked dinner yet but, we're cooking the dessert in the meantime, we've prepared the eggs and sugar Yeah, look that's for the Tiramisu? for the Tiramisu And while we prepare the dessert, the Bimby cooks to rice Go like that with the finger? Yeah! Do it because the kids aren't awake But if the kids were here.. So good But, when I make dinners I don't say that it was the "Bimby" I say that I prepared it myself This IS NOT a promotional video for Bimby Just saying Now we clean this and get ready to make the risotto for midnight - Dominico from the other room Yeah, it's late But I think even Brazilians (eat late) Yeah yeah, Brazilians, we eat really late also Americans no, it's like at 6pm, it's already over Tomorrow, the kids don't go to school, they're sleeping so there's no problem This will be my dinner Here's dinner No it's only 8, it's ok Italian expressions that everyone needs to know? Cheers bon appetite thank you you're welcome that would be Is there something that Italians say? Like, eat well... This is "Napolitano" who eats a lot reaches 100 years what does that mean? campa = to live, to reach eating well, eating a Mediterranean diet increases your life Wine "Lacryma Christi" from Vesuvius is special from this regione because there's Vesuvius (the volcano)? They make great white wines but the reds, not so much No, you don't like it very much? and so, when you come back there will be a bottle of Taurasi (white wine) waiting for you and for Damon also Yes, of course that Damon... But Damon doesn't like wine right? Not really, just white wine Ohhh, Damonnnnn But ok, as long as he likes white wine He likes white wine, ok? ok, yes Cheers To youth No, to you guys! really Come on, we're also young Yes, you really are very deep inside No but every time that I ask, "what is this wine?" You all always have a response "so, this wine comes from the mountain" blah blah blah That's impressive Yes, in fact, for us the origin is really important This is where we invented "DOP" (Protected Designation of Origin) and DOC So you know when something isn't fake Look who just woke up Let's see how you dance He's going crazy Alright, let's continue with the risotto? The porcini mushrooms continue (to melt) Yes, they're good, I can chop them in the meantime already? Smells good? I've toasted the rice, look And so, why did you start having international students? for the kids who can start opening their minds that there are so many people so many languages it's something that does us good, it does the person who comes good it's something positive we're from Italy You're from Brazil we're from Italy we're latin So, when she (me) came into our house I already knew her, since always Family? Really And there's an affinity, obviously Pretty girl She's timid We forgot... what is it? The tiramisu! But the only thing missing is the coffee? Only the coffee But where do we put the coffee? We dip the lady fingers in it Let me see it! The starter Mozzarella with Prosciutto from Parma at what time? at 10:30PM Yes, that there Let's go Why is there water in the mozzarella? that's not water, it's milk it's milk? Oh! Thank you Finally It's arrived at 11:00 at night The cook the.... the taster Jo What do you say to Jo? what is this? A gift It's already been a great gift to be here with you all It's a MOKA! It's perfect! And it's really small so you can put it in your suitcase anytime you go anywhere Oh, thank youuuuu And you remember us, your family from Sorrento