Tutorial Transcript

Today, I will show you what an Italian eat for breakfast So here we have a giant caffettiera You make coffee with this and everybody has a caffettiera at home here we have a cup that we used to drink cappuccino or coffee and milk or whatever you like and In the title it's called "tazza" then here we have fruit biscuit "biscotto" one biscotto means "un biscotto" biscotti and then here we have a mini "Cornetto" croissants and We have sugar This is "zucchero" zucchero and this is a teaspoon "cucchiaino" milk "latte" This is a fetta biscottata. I don't know the name in English, so you tell what it is in English jam "marmellata" honey "miele". You see "miele", its written here. Miele Nutella, Whoo-Hoo :) Hope you liked this video so see you, Ciao ciao