Tutorial Transcript

I am going to tell you a story It is the story of the frog with a large mouth The large-mouthed frog The frog decides to travel She meets a cow and asks her "What do you eat?" "moooo, I eat grass..." "Grass?! Eurgh! I do not like grass! Ugh!" She continues on her way and suddenly she meets a small rabbit and asks her: "What do you eat?" "I am a rabbit. I love carrots, yum, yum, yum, yum" "Carrots! Yaaak!" "I do not like that, carrots, it's not good!" So she continues on her way and all of a sudden she meets a pig and she says: "What do you eat?" "Oink, oink, I eat everything I eat anything!" "Anything?! Weuuuh! this is not good! I do not eat anything! No thank you!" She continues on her way and meets a snake and she says: " What do you eat? " "I eat large-mouthed frogs" "Large-mouthed frogs? Euh! There aren't many around here" "Oh!"