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Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel! How are you? Today I am here to answer some of your questions, as I had promised in the latest vlog. You asked me these questions on instagram, so if you still don't follow me on instagram, Can you follow me! Then this video will be very long, not very long, but it will be long, so I recommend to make yourself comfortable and to take something to drink. I warn you that in this video we will talk about religion, the school system, the next elections, so if you have a problem with these topics, don't watch this video. So, let's start with the first question that it concerns the school system in Italy. I put the question here, so you can read it with me. Hi Lucrezia, I would like to know how it works education in Italy, "education", "Education" means having education, be polite and kind, therefore "education". Let's start with the first question: teachers are they respected by students and parents? Generally yes, but there are cases where the answer must be no. Over time students' respect e of parents to teachers has declined a lot, I'm talking about elementary schools, middle and high school. University is a different case, my answer is valid, as I have already said, for elementary schools, schools middle and high school. Here respect is diminishing, because the parents they intrude too much and do not do the right weight to the authority of teachers. So compared to the past when that that the teacher said was sacrosanct, it was the rule and the parents respected totally that of the teacher said, now if the teacher tells a parent that his son is incompetent, who goes bad at school, the parent gets angry with the teacher instead of the son who does not study. Situations have definitely changed, a Sometimes teachers are afraid of reaction parents and therefore do not make certain decisions for this reason. In the school system they are teachers who decide, right? Who have authority, they must have authority. Often students they have no respect for teachers because they are the parents who don't teach their parents respect children for the teacher. This is unfortunately a reality. The second question was whether the company recognizes them work. Let's say yes and no, yes why obviously school is important though at the same time the company or rather the government does not fully recognize teachers' work because funding to public schools they are few, many many teachers are precarious and therefore they work for years as substitutes around schools before having a professorship fixed, before having a permanent job, and of course it is frustrating for some teachers, which therefore they don't put 100% into their work. Obviously there are some very good teachers, I have had in my school experience wonderful teachers, my teacher Italian in middle school was fantastic, she has me taught a lot. But I also had teachers who didn't they taught nothing because their goal was to take the salary. I studied German in high school, but I don't know a word of German because the teacher he never came to school. When he came, he didn't we did nothing. So, you see, there are some excellent teachers and incompetent teachers. Is it a well-paid job? Then. I do not have a precise idea of ​​how much a teacher earns, I have a vague idea, but I don't have a precise idea. So sorry if I interrupt your vision, but I have to make an adjustment. I checked of information on the Internet and I saw what the average monthly salary is of a teacher. We have to say it varies a lot from the type of school, so if it's school elementary, middle or high school. And the salary also varies according to the years seniority, i.e. how many years he worked the person as a teacher. I found one table on a site that I think is a source serious enough, I leave you the link in the info box below this video. So this is the table I was talking about, I wanted to make this little intrusion because it seemed only right to look for something more concrete. So yes, my ideas don't change and the video can continue. The teacher's work is half a day in the morning and obviously not all morning, because it depends on the hours it has on the calendar. Some days of the week, teachers they are busy with talks, with colleges of teachers, meetings of teachers, etc. And then they have three months of vacation during the year ok obviously three months are not full of holidays because they always have ballot meetings teachers' colleges etc. But compared to other works, almost three there are many, three months of holidays every year months of summer holidays plus holidays of Christmas, Easter, all bridges, etc. So taking all this into consideration, I don't think the salary is too low. I don't even think he's too tall, don't I know if it's a fair salary. But there are many bonuses for teachers, not from the point from a monetary point of view, but from the point of view of time. Obviously there are teachers who are committed more, who truly care about their own students and therefore in my opinion those teachers who teach a lot have no value and should get paid a lot more than it does are. Then there are those teachers who don't care nothing, they make random votes and come in class just to make presence and therefore those in my opinion should not be paid at all. The second question concerns young people and the work: in your opinion how is the work situation for young people in Italy? Is there work or young people leave abroad looking for opportunities? What is the most common type of work, the self-employed or a company? Then, I want to start answering the last one question. The most common job is the one from employee, therefore in a private company or for the public sector. The dream is that to have a permanent job, the much desired one permanent position. "Fixed seat" means a contract indefinitely with a fixed salary month. Employee work is more work common, independent work, so how freelancer exists, in Italy but compared to employee work the percentage is lower. Work is in short supply of young people because obviously with the latest reform of the pensions, the retirement age has lengthened much, therefore there is no generational change in the world of work. The VAT number is required to work because it's a way of hiring a lot of people slimmer, much easier because obviously the contract with a VAT number is different from a fixed-term or open-ended contract. From an employee perspective, it is a bit difficult to find a permanent job, but the opportunities for a temporary job There are. Many people want a permanent job. The Fixed Seat Is A Little Difficult To Get. All The Other Types Of Jobs Are There, I Seasonal Jobs, Temporary Jobs, VAT number contracts. If you have an idea, a project, according to me It is possible to achieve it. Obviously they serve Sacrifices, Work is needed but as in everything. Many young people go abroad to find other opportunities, many graduates leave with already a job. So they did the interview for example on Skype or by phone, so when they go to the foreign country already they have a job. In other cases, many people leave like this in disarray, in jeopardy, with the dream to find a job the moment you do found in the foreign country. Many people leave without having a preparation, but the foreign dream is hardly realized without a project without, an action plan. Many Italians in the past years left for London and they went to work in restaurants, shops, etc. Now from the statistics we note that with Brexit there is a drop in emigration of Italians to remarkable London. Because obviously it's not possible anymore come and go from the UK as you wish, because from 2019 you will need a visa. Okay, I think I said it all. I meant one thing, but I forgot. Ok then, I don't have the question here, but on YouTube, on the latest blog and also on Instagram some of you asked me to explain a little how the 2018 elections will work. You know that on March 4th in Italy there are elections for the new government. Then I'll explain a little bit about what you vote for how you vote. Practically the elections will be held on the day March 4, all day. Usually you vote from 7 to 21 or 22. I don't know exactly now, in this case, the timetable, but the March 4, a full day to vote. And they will vote for both the Chamber of Deputies than for the Senate. For the Chamber of Deputies they can vote all adults over 18 years in up; for the Senate, however, you can only vote if you are over 25 years old. So I will vote for the first this year also for the Senate, because I'm 25 years old. These elections are the first elections in to which the new electoral law will apply which had been voted on November 3, 2017. The so-called Rosatellum, because the parliamentarian who proposed this law is called Rosato and therefore the name of the law is the name of this MP. Practically this law provides a system full separation mixed ballot. Why has the mixed system been voted? Because it avoids the lack of representation in Parliament of the various parties and then also avoids fragmentation politics, which of course can lead to a difficulty in governing, legislating, etc. Then another question we say inherent that you made me is who i am or what i am parties that present themselves in the elections. They are many and therefore I will only tell you the main parties or coalitions, because I honestly don't know all the parties because are so many. I challenge anyone to know all parties! The parties or coalitions those considered the main ones are the center-right coalition, the center-left coalition and the movement five stars. The center-right coalition is made up of: Forza Italia, Lega, Fratelli d'Italia and Noi with Italy. The center-left coalition is formed from: Democratic Party, Europe, Popular Civic Lorenzin, Italy Europe Together. In addition to these three blocks there are also others parties, like Liberi e Uguali, which is leftist, Casa Pound Italia, which is right-wing, extreme right, I'm reading them because I don't know them by heart, Power to the People, radical left, Il Popolo della Famiglia, right, Italy to the Italians, far right, Communist Party, far left, Party human value, transversal, a bit of everything, Italian Republican Party ALA, who is at the center, For a Revolutionary Left, far left. So you see there is a little bit of everything. Obviously it's all objective information, objectives that you can also find on the internet. Then let's see if I'm forgetting a few questions. Yes obviously the question about religion. This question is in English. In Rome there are many communities that are not Catholic religion, for example, in Rome there is the largest mosque in Europe. There are other religions, obviously Catholicism it is the main religion, but there are also other religions. One question is whether religion plays a role very important in everyday life. So in my experience, no. I don't go to church and most of them people I know, whom I hang out with, they don't go to church. Obviously don't go to church, it won't say that I am not a believer. I believe, but not I believe in the Church. Oh, I already know that I will receive ... I don't want to read comments to this video. Anyway, I have baptism, I have communion, I have confirmation, I just miss the wedding and extreme unction, but that will be seen in future. Because obviously growing was and is one tradition go to catechism and take the sacraments. 'Cause maybe when I was little, I was a little influenced by my parents and therefore I was convinced of what I was doing. Growing up, I started to think a little with my head. Older people obviously yes, people old women care a lot about going in church. My grandparents always go to church, if they don't go to church they feel bad. Then yes, older people are very attached to going to church is a tradition for them because they have always done it and therefore they always will. There are also young people of my age who they go to church, they always go to church. There is this stereotype, isn't it? That we Italians we are very religious because we have the Vatican here. Especially here in Rome there should be a lot religious because there is the Vatican, but in it is not so. Let's say, what I want to say is that it doesn't all Italians are believers, they are there of the Italians who are atheists and therefore the presence of the Vatican here in Italy ... In reality the Vatican is not in Italy, Il Vatican is the state of the Vatican. Is one different state. Vatican and Italy are two different things from governmental and administrative point of view. So the fact that in the Italian state there both the Vatican State means nothing. I think I said it all and I think these topics are interesting for everyone obviously, without prejudice, without ... how I can say, negativity. They are things of life, which are part of life, religion, politics, it's life! So why not talk about it calmly together. Thanks so much for watching this video. We will see you in the next one! In the next video I would like to talk about one of these two arguments: or the difference between the direct object pronouns and object pronouns indirect, or the difference between verbs transitive and intransitive verbs. Which one do you prefer? The nouns or verbs? Let me know by leaving a comment below, ok? Thanks a lot and see you soon, bye!