Tutorial Transcript

Want to speak real Chinese from your first lesson? Sign up for your free lifetime account at ChineseClass101.com. Hi, everyone! Here is Yuting! Today our topic is Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival it's on the fifteenth of the first month in lunar calendar in China. It's also an important part of the spring festival. So, what kind of world we have today? Let's begin! 元宵节 (Yuánxiāo jié) "Lantern Festival" 元宵节代表了春节的结束。 (Yuánxiāo jié dàibiǎole chūnjié de jiéshù.) "The lantern festival represents the end of the Spring Festival." 正月 (Zhēngyuè) “the first month of the lunar year" 正月十五是元宵节。 (Zhēngyuè shíwǔ shì yuánxiāo jié.) "On the fifteenth of the first month in the lunar calendar is the Lantern Festival." 元宵 (Yuánxiāo) "Glutinous Rice Balls” Here is the 元宵 (Yuánxiāo) "Glutinous Rice Balls ". Here you are! 元宵的馅是甜的。 (Yuánxiāo de xiàn shì tián de.) "The stuffing of Yuanxiao is sweet." We have the "Sesame Yuanxiao" 芝麻元宵 (Zhīma yuánxiāo) and "Peanuts Yuanxiao" 花生元宵 (Huāshēng yuánxiāo). 猜灯谜 (Cāi dēngmí) "riddles" I like riddles because if you were right; you will get a gift. Here you are. Hahaha! 猜灯谜是元宵节必不可少的一部分。 (Cāi dēngmí shì yuánxiāo jié bì bùkě shǎo de yībùfèn.) "Riddle is an essential part of the Lantern festival." We always do this in the evening, in the dinner we eat 元宵 (Yuánxiāo) "Glutinous Rice Balls" and after dinner, we will go outside. There are lots of lanterns and in each lantern writes a riddle outside. 舞狮子 (Wǔ shīzi) "Lion Dance" Lion Dance, we have a Lion’s head. He will hold the head. This person is really impressive because he can play some Kung fu. 舞狮子是一种传统表演。 (Wǔ shīzi shì yīzhǒng chuántǒng biǎoyǎn.) "Lion dance is a kind of traditional performance." Okay, guys! That's all for today! Today we learned several words related to the Lantern Festival. Absolutely, the word I like most is 元宵 (Yuánxiāo) because it's so soft and sweet. I like this one most! I have a question, have you ever tasted 元宵 (Yuánxiāo) “glutinous rice balls”? Please comment below. Let me know. Okay, that's all for today. Don't forget to subscribe! Bye bye, see you next time!