Tutorial Transcript

Want to speak real Chinese from your first lesson? Sign up for your free lifetime account at ChineseClass101.com. Hi, guys! I’m Yuting. Today our topic is Christmas. I know that Christmas is originally from Western world, but it's really popular in China this year. So today we're going to learn some words related to the Christmas in China. So let's begin! 圣诞节 (Shèngdàn Jié) "Christmas Day" 现在中国人也庆祝圣诞节。 (xiànzài Zhōngguórén yě qìngzhù ShèngdànJié .) "Nowadays Chinese people also celebrate Christmas Day." We don't have holiday on this day, so we'll still go to work and go to school, and in the evening we can go to the shop to buy something. That's our christmas. 卡拉OK (kǎlā OK) "karaoke" 卡拉OK在中国十分流行,不只是圣诞节。 (kǎlā OK zài Zhōngguó shífēn liúxíng, bù zhǐshì Shèngdàn Jié .) "Karaoke is really popular, not only on Christmas Day." 平安果 (píng'ān guǒ) "Christmas fruit" Here is my Christmas fruit. happy Christmas! 平安果在中国一般是指苹果。 (píng'ān guǒ zài Zhōngguó yìbān shìzhǐ Píngguǒ.) "Christmas fruit always means apple in China.” Because 苹果(píngguǒ), “apple”, shares the same pronunciation with 平安(píng'ān), “safety”. And also, another Christmas fruit can be orange. 圣诞树 (Shèngdànshù) "Christmas tree" 我们家里没有圣诞树。 (wǒmen jiā lǐ méiyǒu Shèngdànshù .) "We don't have a Christmas tree in our home." But you can find the Christmas tree in big department store, all the shopping mall. 圣诞老人 (Shèngdànlǎorén) "Santa Clause" Do you like Santa Clause? 许多小朋友都很喜欢圣诞老人。 (xǔduō xiǎopéngyou dōu hěn xǐhuān Shèngdànlǎorén .) "Lots of children love Santa Clause." Because Santa Clause can give you gift! Ok, guys, that's all for today. Today we learned several words related to the Christmas Day. How do you celebrate Christmas day? So please comment below, let me know. As always, don't forget to subscribe. Bye-bye, see you next time!