Tutorial Transcript

Hola a todos, soy Lucia hi everybody I am Lucia welcome to Spanish pot 101.com espanol impress ministers the fastest easiest and most fun way to learn Spanish in the last lesson we learned some words used when apologizing in the Spanish including this cold pack and pedal in this lesson we are going to learn numbers in Spanish yes numbers los números from one to ten and you are going to learn them in only three minutes tres minutos are you ready let's start oh no oh no dos dos tres tres Quatro Quatro Cinco Cinco seis seis siete siete Ocho Ocho Nueve Nueve the s T yes okay now repeat after me I would say the numbers and give you time to repeat each one Oh No those today s cuatro Cinco seis siete or Cho Nueve Diez good job once before uno do you know it's similar to English but has a slightly different pronunciation cero cero you don't have any more excuses now you can give your phone number to front in Spanish let's do it together we will use the phrase new numero s which means my number is me numero is minimal OS no ever today s Cinco Cinco cuatro dos siete seis uno oho now it's time for the CS insights when we go to the post office in Peru we sometimes have to stand in life with a number they will scream numero uno numero dos and so learn your numbers well so you can be ready do you know the Spanish word for a hundred here is a hint it's similar to a common English word in the next lesson we are going to learn the numbers from 11 to 100 in Spanish your task now is to practice the number we study in this lesson from oh no - this hasta la próxima see you soon