Tutorial Transcript

Hello guys and girls I'm Damon Ex Spanish student If I want to say my name in Spanish it would be "Ho" or Diego which was my name in Spanish class when I used to take it... ten years ago in high school I didn't study Spanish in high school Why? Because I wanted to study French. Because I'm Brazilian And so it was easier for me Spanish I wanted to learn something new. And the thing is that: Since we travel a lot sometimes to Spanish-speaking countries We still have our Spanish But it's not at the level that... our other languages are It's not on the same level as all the other... all the other languages When you speak more than one language You have phases You have phases in your life. in your life... You have phases in your life... But now that I've learned other languages with Jo Spanish wasn't a language I practiced much. I don't speak Spanish anymore. So today we have an activity We found a test a Spanish test to see if our Spanish is... What level it is. We're gonna see if we still speak Spanish We'll see. We're gonna take this test. That's me. Are you sweating? A little bit. Excuse me. Let's continue. I'm a bit nervous because it's been a long time since I've spoken Spanish. Why is it difficult for me? Beacause I speak Italian and it's difficult to change the languages. I'd like to start by saying that my Spanish is is Portuguese-ified. Because since I learned Portuguese on this channel... When I want to speak Spanish I speak Portuguese It's still in here, but it ain't perfect. Rosa and Miguel go to the movies. I am Pepe's brother. I've worked in this factory for a year. Juan wants them to arrive early. In many languages, there's the subjunctive. So for example you say... They "arrive" early but when Juan wants them to arrive early... It's not "arrive" it's something else... I don't know why it has to be that way... But then again, who am I to say that? to decide what's right and wrong in a language that doesn't belong to me. It was probably that he had it. I'm not strong in grammar. It's probable that... So it's a hypothesis. which means it's subjunctive... but it's past subjunctive because they said "it was probable" so it's tuviera. How difficult! All of my friends ____ to the party by Marcos. "have been invited?" Rosa visited me yesterday. Get up! Yesterday I wrote her a letter. They went to the movies every Saturday. "Ian?" "Iban?" We're running an important business matter. This is really good. "Bien?" "Bueno?" She said it to him a long time ago. If I had a lot of money, I'd buy a new car. If I "tuviera" a lot of money It's a joke! I'm pulling your leg. Dunno. It's bad out today. It's raining cats and dogs. This coat is really small. It doesn't fit you well. I dont' know why you're telling me that. It's a lie. I don't understand the homework. That's why I'm asking the professor. Such a long sentence... Guys, I don't want to do this anymore... No words. Like, no... numbers in my final score. No... knowledge in my head. No Spanish. Now we're going to say our totals. I know how to speak and that's important. Who are you, Spanish quiz... to tell my MY level in Spanish? When I can say what I want to say... When we know how to speak Yeah but who are you to tell me what level I have? At least I know what I want to say when I want to say it. That's what is most important. I need your help. What is my Spanish name? because "ho" is not good. Neither is Daemon, like the devil Demon See you in the next adventures of Demonio y Ho! 🎶Juanes: Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor 🎶 🎶Kali Uchis: Tirano 🎶