Tutorial Transcript

(conversation in portuguese) Is that Japanese? Why am I so little? Because, you are that way! No!!! Holly isn't that little. No. I don't know why I look so little But, greetings to everybody I'm Holly and I'm here with... Damon and Jo! We have a YouTube channel where we speak... very... many languages... Very little Spanish! Very little Spanish, as you can hear! But they speak all the languages you can imagine Including, let's see if I remember: Portuguese. French. English. Italian. German. German... more or less MOTHER OF MINE! more or less And... Spanish We try! Did we mention that? Do you have some videos in Spanish? Yes we have a video where... One or two... We try telling a story about... I don't know What? It was, a lie... It was a lie! don't fight, please! No, what it was called... "What it was called?" is that right? Yeah! Why am I so little?