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Hallo und willkommen! I'm MeisterLehnsherr und ihr seht Get Germanized - German Slang Letter L Our first German slang word is: die Lümmeltüte - Lümmel is slang for penis and a Lümmeltüte is a penis bag! And here's how to use it in a sentence: Hast du noch ne Lümmeltüte übrig? Ich hab heute Abend n Date mit ner scharfen Alten! (Do you have a penis bag left? I got a date with a hot chick tonight!) der Lappen -- (the rag) This can be used to describe a driver's license or a wimpy person! For example: So ein Mist ey! Ich hab den Blitzer total übersehen! Das kostet mich bestimmt meinen Lappen! (Shit! I've completely overlooked that speed camera! That will probably cost me my driver's license!) Or: Was fürn Lappen ey! Kann der überhaupt irgendwas richtig machen? (What a wimp! Can he do anything right at all?) latschen -- this is slang for "to go" and here's how to use it in a sentence: Ist es noch weit? Meine Füße tun so weh, ich kann nicht mehr latschen! (Is it still far? My feet hurt, I can't go any further!) der Laberkopp -- (the blabber head) This describes someone who just can't seem to stop talking! Here's how to use it in a sentence: Peters Vater ist Politiker, mann ist das vielleicht ein Laberkopp! (Peter's dad is a politician, man he's such a blabber head!) Which brings us to labern -- This is slang for "to talk" and can be used like this: Laber doch nicht so viel, mir tun schon die Ohren weh! (Don't talkt hat much, my ears hurt already!) die Latte -- (the picket) This can be used to describe a boner or to express that you don't care about something. And here's how to use it in a sentence: Alter, ich glaub Heinzi hat ne Latte! (Dude, I think Heinzi's got a boner!) Ja sieht ganz so aus, voll peinlich! (Yeah looks like it! Totally embarrassing!) Or Guck mal! Ich kann ne ganze Katze auf einmal essen! (Look! I can eat a whole cat at once!) Is mir doch Latte. (I don't care!) Leck mich! (Lick me) is short for "Leck mich am Arsch! -- Lick my ass! and can be translated with bite me and here's how to use it in a sentence: Haha, dein Haus brennt und meins nicht! (Haha, your house is burning and mine isn't!) Leck mich! (Lick me!) die Lusche - a word that describes a wimp. You can use it like this: Manfred ist sone Lusche, wenn er Blut sieht, dann kippt er direkt um! (Manfred is such a wimp. When he sees blood he faints!) That was German Slang -- Letter L! Now it's your turn! Tell me about German slang words you know in the comments below! And if you liked this video please give it a thumbs-up and share it with your friends! Make sure to like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram for exclusive bonus content and sneak peeks into my daily life, here in Germany! You can also support the channel and get access to many cool rewards like a monthly Google Hangout with me by becoming a patron! To get to my patron page you just have to click the little orange P down there or find the link in the video description below! Thank you for watching, vielen Dank fürs Zusehen, don't forget to Get Germanized, goodbye und auf Wiedersehen!