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Hallo und willkommen! I'm MeisterLehnsherr und ihr seht Get Germanized - German Slang Letter K Our first German slang word is: - die Kackbratze (A Bratze is a term from the Ruhrarea in Germany and describes an ugly woman). And a KACKbratze is a REALLY ugly woman! For example: Hast du die Kackbratze da hinten gesehen? Alter Schwede is die hässlich! Did you see that Kackbratze over there? Damn she's ugly! - die Kackstelze (the literal translation would be shit on stilts) This describes an idiot, a spastic, an asshole! And here's how to use it in a sentence: o Du dämliche Kackstelze, was soll der Scheiß? Warum hast du meine Oma vor den Bus geschupst? (You stupid shit on stilts, what's all this crap? Why did you push my grandma in front of the bus?) - die Käsemauken (a mauke is a slang word for foot and Käsemauken means cheese feet and describes smelly feet). For example: o Nimm deine Käsemauken vom Tisch, das ist ja widerlich! (Get your cheese feet off the table, that's disgusting!) o Aber wieso denn? Die hab ich doch gerade vor drei Wochen erst gewaschen! (But why? I just washed them three weeks ago!) - die Keule (the club or the mace) This describes a good friend, a buddy, a dude! Even though this is not a modern word anymore people used it to address their male friends and I think it should definitely be re-introduced! Here's how to use it in a sentence: o Hey Keule, was geht? (Hey dude, what's up?) o Nicht viel Keule, nicht viel! (Not much dude, not much!) - die Kampflesbe (the combat lesbian) This is a pretty rude yet funny word for a girl or woman that's fierce-looking with short hair, muscles and manly clothing. - die Kimme (the literal translation is notch but is also used as a filthy word for describing a bum crack) And here's how to use it in a sentence: o Alter, ist das heiß! Mir läuft der Schweiß schon die Kimme runter! (Dude, it's so hot! The sweat is running down by bum crack!) o Ja, mir auch! Feuchte Kimmen sind widerlich! (Yeah, same here! Moist bum cracks are disgusting!) - die Kippe (a German slang word for cigarette) Hast du mal ne Kippe? (Do you have a cigarette?) Klar, ne ganze Schachtel sogar! (Yup, even a whole pack!) - der Klettermax (the climbing Max) describes a person that likes to climb on trees or other things. Here's how to use it in a sentence: o Mein kleiner Sohn ist so ein Klettermax! (My little son is such a climbing Max) o Ja, meine Tochter auch! (Yeah, my daughter too!) - die Knalltüte (the bang bag) is used to describe a wimp or an idiot and here's how to use it in a sentence: o Phillip is sone Knalltüte, der hat sich schon wieder in Hamburg verirrt! (Phillip is such a bang bag, he got lost in Hamburg already!) - das Kopfkino (the head cinema) This describes the pictures you see inside your head when someone describes something really disgusting! For example: o Boah, da war heute vielleicht ne hässliche Alte am Strand. 120 kg, ein riesen Buckel, fast nackt und alles hat gewabbelt! (Wow, there was such an ugly hag at the beach today. 120kg, a big hump, almost naked and everything was wobbling!) o - Kabuff (In Northern Germany a storeroom can be called a Kabuff) o Let's use it in a sentence:  Werner: Helga, das Sauerkraut ist alle, hol mal neues! (Helga, we're out of Sauerkraut! Go and get some!)  Helga: Hol's dir selber du fauler Penner! Da is noch welches im Kabuff! (Get it yourself you lazy bum! There is still some in the storeroom) That was "German Slang -- Letter K"! If you liked the video please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends! Make sure to like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram for exclusive bonus content and sneak peeks into my daily life, here in Germany! You can also support the channel and get access to many cool rewards like a monthly Google Hangout with me by becoming a patron! To get to my patron page you just have to click the little orange P down there or find the link in the video description below! Thank you for watching, vielen Dank fürs Zusehen, don't forget to Get Germanized, goodbye und auf Wiedersehen!