Tutorial Transcript

Hallo und willkommen zu German slang words beginning with the letter J (Jott) If you want to learn German there is no way around also learning about German slang so let's get started! Lasst uns anfangen! Our first German slang word is: Juckeln Sehr langsam fahren. And here is how to use it in a sentence: Hank: "Musst du immer so juckeln?" Marie: "Die Straße ist nass, da fahr ich hier ganz sicher keine 120 km/h!" Hank: "Do you have to always drive that slowly?" Marie: "The street is wet, I surely won't drive 120 km/h here!" The next German slang word is: juckt mich nicht - Doesn't itch me Which means: I don't care And here's how to use it in a German sentence: Walter: Ich bin die Gefahr! Jesse: Juckt mich nicht. Walter: I'm the danger! Jesse: I don't care. Next up: jemanden nageln - to nail someone Which means: to have sex with someone Let's use it in a sentence: Badger: Ich hab die Alte gestern so richtig geil genagelt! Skinny P: Glückwunsch Alter! Badger: I've nailed that chick real good yesterday! Skinny P: Way to go man! Our next German slang word is: Jungfrauenfalle - Virgin Trap Which essentially describes a flashy car to pick up chicks with Walter: Musstest du unbedingt so eine Jungfrauenfalle kaufen? Der Wagen ist viel zu auffällig! Jesse: Chillen Sie Mr. White! Alles wird laufen wie geplant. Walter: Did you have to buy such a flashy car? It's way too noticable! Jesse: Chill out Mr. White! Everything will go as planned. Next up: Ja-sager - Yes-sayer Someone who just can't say no or a "Yes man" And here's how to use it in a German sentence: Skyler: Ich bin ab heute kein Ja-sager mehr, hier ziehe ich den Schlussstrich! Walter: Oh wirklich? Und was sagst du der DEA? Das das jahrelang mit einem Drogenboss gelebt und nichts gerkt hast? Wie naiv bist du eigentlich? Skyler: From now on, I'm no yes man anymore. This is where I draw the line! Walter: Oh really? And what will you tell the DEA? That you've lived with a drug lord for years without noticing anything? How naive are you? Our next German slang word is: jedn - absolutely/ of course This derives from "Auf jeden Fall" and here is how to use it in a sentence: Walter: Hast du das verstanden? Wir kochen ein letztes Mal und dann ist Schluss! Jesse: Auf jedn Mr. White. Verstanden. Walter: Do you understand? We'll cook one last time and then it is over! Jesse: Absolutely Mr. White. Got it. The next and last German slang word is: Jawoll - yes Derives from Jawohl and means yes. Saul: Da rufst du wohl besser Saul an! Huell: Jawoll, besser is das! Saul: You better call Saul! Huell: Yes, that would be for the best. That's it for today's video and for German slang words beginning with the letter J! If you have any questions or feedback let me know in the comments section below. If you found this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up to let me know and subscribe to my channel to learn about the German language and culture on a regular basis! Make sure to like my Facebook and follow me on Twitter and Instagram to learn even more German and get exclusive access to German words of the day, extra learning German videos and sneak peeks into my daily life here in Germany. Thank you guys for watching, vielen Dank für's Zusehen! See you in the next video, goodbye and auf Wiedersehen!