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hi welcome to introduction to Spanish my name is Alicia and I'm joined by hi everyone I'm Lea in this lesson we'll focus on teaching you the most useful Spanish words and phrases for absolute beginners make sure you're repeating the words out loud after I say the examples are you ready let's get started the best phrase to learn when studying a new language is one that expresses gratitude and appreciation if you had to learn only a single phrase this would be it we taught you this phrase in the first lesson of this series do you remember what it was muchas gracias and it means thank you very much muchas gracias keep repeating after Lia until you get it muchas gracias your turn muchas gracias muchas gracias okay one last time muchas gracias a phrase you would often hear in response to muchas gracias or thank you very much is de nada then ah it literally means of nothing but it's used to say you're welcome Anala your turn then Allah okay one last time Vimala both muchas gracias and Anala are expressions of been used by Spanish speakers the next phrase we'll teach you is perhaps the second most useful phrase of all it's used to apologise or to excuse yourself pavani pedal Oni okay your turn Freddy Bonnie baloney one last time baloney but bonnie is the formal way to apologize or excuse yourself to say it in a more casual way it's pargana pargana your turn piranha Bhuvana one last time for Ivana now you can say thank you very much excuse me and I'm sorry in Spanish let's move on asking where something is is an incredibly important and useful phrase to learn you're going to need this when asking where the bathroom the train station or where the hotel is to do so say donde esta then add the location cuarto de baño donde esta el cuarto de baño donde esta el cuarto de baño repeat after Leah donde esta el cuarto de baño remember if you want to be a bit more polite you could add excuse me before the question para maana donde esta el cuarto de baño one last time Baroni donde esta el cuarto de baño for a hotel in it be Bethany Lunden you know we're gonna donde you know have you noticed how the sentences vary slightly if the thing you're looking for isn't specific a hotel we would use the articles une who knows una or Oona's on the other hand if it's a specific T Hotel then we would use el la los or Las instead pagani donde you know del perdón a donde style hotel and remember to thank the person if they were helpful muchas gracias in this final lesson you learned how to say thank you excuse me I'm sorry and to ask for something is in Spanish and in this series we introduced you to the basics of Spanish pronunciation grammar writing and more let's conclude with some parting advice from Leah and listen to some of her tips on how to learn Spanish from a native Spanish perspective every day I see a lot of learners struggling with Spanish verbs my advice is to start with the simple form of the verb and then learn all the tenses only move on to compound verbs when you've mastered the simple form by far the biggest mistake that I see learners make is using the incorrect intonation intonation is very important in Spanish the intonation is determined by stress which in a lot of cases is actually marked by the accent marker we go into great detail about this aspect of Spanish in our ultimate guide to Spanish pronunciation video series we will link that at the end of the video get comfortable with stress patterns and accents in Spanish and you'll avoid making this mistake my last piece of advice is to watch contemporary videos such as our videos here at Spanish but 101.com this will ensure that you're learning real applicable Spanish in the fastest and most effective way you've reached the end of this course introduction to Spanish but it's only the beginning of your journey to Spanish fluency where do you go from here try our innovative Spanish culture series where we teach you beginner vocab and even more useful phrases or check out any of our other video series we have many different categories for you to choose from good luck as you continue learning Spanish and I'll see you in another video bye bye you